10 of the Easiest Classes at Marquette University

Marquette University

Marquette University is a huge catholic university that have been included in the Top 100 America’s Best Colleges. Having 11 sub colleges and universities in one campus, it offers promising career ahead of their graduates and proves their tagline “be the difference” through academic consistency and innovation. Here are the 10 easiest classes you can enroll at Marquette University.

1. SOCI 2480 – Sport and Society

The symbiotic relationship between sport and society. Topics include the connections between sports and social mobility, sports and race, sports and gender, and sports and community identification. Shows how sports are a pervasive feature of everyday urban life.

2. MARK 3001 – Introduction to Marketing

Examines the marketing process in the operations of firms in profit and nonprofit sectors. Environmental forces including consumer characteristics, government regulation and social aspects are explored. Emphasis is given to how firms develop marketing strategies in terms of target market selection, segmentation and marketing mix variables such as product development, promotional methods, price determination and channels of distribution. Ethical aspects of marketing are also given consideration.

3. ENTP 3001 – Social Entrepreneurship

focuses on individual self-discovery, including spiritual life, and exposures students to religious motivations for ventures and to social entrepreneurs as class guests (e.g. Jean Davidson of the Yell and Tell foundation and Steve Wallace of Omanhene Cocoa Bean Co. – facilities in Ghana). Students do a self-portrait essay and projects towards a venture, which is a social venture if that is their choosing. They also use a non-prose medium to depict the customer or client experience of their venture. This of course can also be for a social venture.

4. ADVE 1400 – Advertising Principles

An overview of advertising as it relates to marketing and mass media. The course examines the advertising industry, including advertisers, advertising media and ad agencies, advertising history, its social and economic effects, advertising law and ethical standards. Students are introduced to the advertising planning process: product, market and consumer research, creative and media strategy, production of messages and evaluation of advertising effectiveness.

5. STCM 1600 – Introduction to Strategic Communication

Introduces students to the multifaceted world of strategic communication practice in the 21st century. From the global transnational media firm, to the state-wide environmental activist organization, to the local public school, today’s organizations are grappling to create and sustain relationships through strategic, targeted and integrated digital communication that supports organizational goals. Topics include advertising, public relations, advocacy/activism, media relations and content marketing. Focuses the development of planned efforts to influence others by providing information and developing relationships.

6. CMST 2000 – Group and Team Communication

Examines theories, principles and methods of small group communication. Focuses on such topics as: leadership, problem solving, roles, norms and climate. Takes a systems approach to groups and students have hands-on experience in a decision-making group.

7. DGMD 2250 – Intermediate Digital Media Production

Intermediate audio and video production and post-production techniques used in television, corporate media, emergent media, film and online. Emphasis on skills acquisition and portfolio development. 

8. THAR 2020 – Theatre Appreciation

Introduces the student to the experience of theatre and seeks to give an understanding of theatrical history and practices, and a deepening appreciation of theatre as an art. In addition to a textbook, students are required to purchase tickets for a number of theatrical performances that the class attend. All tickets are negotiated at a group rate.

9. PBHE 4931 – Topics in Public Health and Equity

Selected topics in Public Health and Equity. Specific topics are designated in the Schedule of Classes.

10. EDUC 1800 – Theory and Practice in Coaching Team Sports

Principles and problems of coaching team sports. All major team sports are reviewed. Open to all students in the university.

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