5 Reasons to do The FYRE Program at Miami University

Miami University first year research program

The First Year Research Experience program or FYRE program is a perfect way for freshmen to get started in research. Miami University strongly encourages undergraduate research experiences. The FYRE program is a wonderful way to kick off your research journey. You have to apply to be a part of the program before the start of your freshman year. Those who apply have the option of a couple different research tracks. The research tracks this year included, Reading the Mind using EEG, Making Sense of Everyday Interactions, Introduction to Research in Biology with a Neuroscience Focus, and Urban Geochemistry and Pollution.

1. Graduate Schools Require Research

Many graduate schools require research experience in order to be admitted. If you talk to different psychology professors, they will tell you that research and your GPA are the two most important factors counselors will look at during the admission process.  Getting involved in research during your freshman year will help strengthen your application.

2. Connections are Forged

The FYRE program is great because of the personal connections that are formed. Each FYRE class is small, less than 20 people. This puts you in contact with many like-minded individuals and a professor who can offer advice and support on future research endeavors. During the two-semester course, you meet with the rest of your class at least once a week to design a research project that your class will carry out at the end of the second semester.

3. Design a Research Project

FYRE program participants will leave this program with the knowledge on how to design a research project. Each FYRE team will come up with a project idea and submit it for submission for funding. Then, together they will design the project. This experience is helpful in relating the techniques they have learned in their classes to real-life experiments.

4. Present Research at a Forum

Presenting research is very important in the scientific community. Research should be shared with others in order to advance different branches of science. Through the FYRE program, students are able to present their findings through the undergraduate research forum in poster form. Students work together to design and create a research poster.

5. Hands-on Experiments

One of the most important reasons to participate in the FYRE program is because you are doing actual hands-on research. Lectures are important to learn large amounts of information in a short amount of time, however; being able to work on an on-going project can help you to gain a better grasp of the information. Time spent in the lab working on scientific experiments is invaluable. The FYRE program will provide you with opportunities to create new insight.

Research is vital for the progress of science. Working in a lab is extremely rewarding because the results can be used to improve different fields of science. Research results can often be applied to human lives, so it is very gratifying to be able to understand and help people better. The first year research experience program is a great program for freshmen who are interested in pursuing a career in science. It will help freshmen to start their research career right away.

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