5 Reasons Why Every uOttawa Student Should Take a Philosophy Class

University of Ottawa

Philosophy. Sometimes interesting and in many cases daunting for the university student. The University of Ottawa has an amplitude of philosophy class options and I highly recommend that throughout your 4 years to take one. Many students have associated philosophy with very complicated and poetic literature, but the subject is actually very insightful and helpful for many reasons( some of which I’ve described below). Philosophy is not just Plato and Aristotle, and you’ll be surprised at how interesting it actually is.

1. Understanding history and cultures

Philosophers come from various parts of the globe. Old and new by looking into the different philosophies and ways of thinking, it helps students understand the cultures in which these theories have emerged as well as the time periods. understanding the different philosophies and the different philosophers is a way of diving into the mind of an actual person living in a particular place and time. Each culture has such diverse ways of thinking and acting that it’s truly beautiful. This stems from philosophy and the different philosophers influencing different parts of the world.

2. New analytical skills

Philosophers are some of the most in-depth observers. Try reading some of their work and you might end up spending years with your face inside of the book pages. The way philosophers think and describe phenomena is fresh (despite how old some theories are) in comparison to the ideas shoved down our throats in other specialized fields. As a student, you learn to analyze philosophers and apply these learnings to any piece of work.

3. Appreciating other’s ways of thinking

Philosophy is vast with various different ideologies ( sometimes even contrasting). When students analyze the diverse philosophers and ways of thinking, it allows students to become more open-minded. This can be very helpful when you are confronted with a frustrating situation where someone contradicts you. If you try to understand the ways in which other people think and why they think a certain way, you become more empathetic and understanding towards all types individuals.

4. Finding your place

Philosophy as a subject is so broad that you will find tons of subjects that are tackled. Whether you genuinely want to discover your individuality or find theories pertinent to your studies, philosophy classes will provide you with such content. As an individual and a scholar, you are able to find your space of thought. You are also able to challenge your values and morals to become a better person. We all want to understand life and ourselves and philosophy as a subject is a teacher that guides you on a journey of self-reflection.

5. Getting your complicated questions answered

What is the meaning of life? Why are people selfish? Why do we do this or that? All of these questions that keep eating at you are some of the main topics of discussion within philosophy. Though they are very hard to answer, philosophy provides individuals new ways of perceiving thought and action. While you might think one answer, some other people might think otherwise. This can either solidify your position on a debate or you become more open-minded.

I’ve taken one philosophy class and I’m hooked. Out of all of the classes taken beforehand, I can proudly say that my ethical environment class was one that taught me such great ideas and ways of thinking that I want to learn more. Don’t be afraid to jump into philosophy. It may seem scary at first because of the language and length of readings, but it’s so worth it. Wether you learn something you can apply to another field or something in life, you are guaranteed to improve as a student and an individual.

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