10 of the Easiest Classes at Millersville University

Millersville University

There are classes we all want to take. Simple courses we can study to enable us to get excellent degrees at Millersville University. Here are 10 easy classes that will give you an excellent GPA with little effort. Scroll down to find out more!

1. COMM 100 – Fundamentals of Speech

Required fundamentals course in general education. An introductory study of the principles of public speaking with particular emphasis upon the selection and organization of information for persuasive purposes. Satisfies competency requirement.

2. PHIL 100 – Introduction to Philosophy

There are several options for an easy philosophy course. All it takes is reading the assigned books and completing a small number of assignments and you can pass with an easy A.

3. MUSI 263 – Popular Music

Musical derivatives and development of pop, jazz and rock styles. Lecture, live and recorded musical demonstration, discussion and analysis. Offered in fall, spring

4. MUSI 202 – American Broadway Musicals

.Examines the history, philosophy, music-theatre, and significance of the American Broadway musical. Will give students several opportunities to observe, discuss and report on American Broadway musical productions.

5. ENGL 110 – English Composition

Fundamental principles of expository organization, rhetoric, and grammar, with anemphasis on essay development, unity and clarity, and the use of variousrhetorical styles. Selected readings. Approximately eight compositions required,including a research paper with MLA documentation using library resources. This course is identical in academic content and in assessment to ENG111, but it adds 2 developmental hours to allow faculty to work with students toimprove college composition skills. Class Notes: Online (O): 100% of scheduled class hours are conducted through virtual meetings and/or online activities. All of the coursework, including exams, is done online.

6. COMM 121 – Introduction to Audio and Video

, Audio and video production fundamentals, techniques and uses. Includes study of the production process and hands-on production assignments in both audio and video. Laboratory work required. Offered in fall, winter, spring.

7. ART 225 – Painting I

.Basic investigation of materials, techniques, and visual concepts important to the process of painting. Emphasis on understanding visual elements through work which includes study from the still-life and model.

8. PHYS 117 – General Astronomy

Astronomy for a general audience; emphasis on the physical nature of the universe. Terrestrial astronomy, light, telescopes, spectra, stars, stellar evolution, galaxies, cosmology, the solar system. 3 hrs. lec. and discussion. No credit in block G2 for majors in the School of Science and Mathematics.

9. ART 253 – Fibers

Introduction to two and three-dimensional fiber techniques and structures. Emphasis will be placed on using a variety of techniques in the execution of assigned problems. Experimental use of materials will be encouraged. May be repeated to a maximum of nine hours.

10. PSYC 227 – Development Child and Adolescent

PSYC227, a requirement for psychology and education majors, gives an interesting take on subjects surrounding the development of child including some controversial subjects. Discussions were carried out two times to get students talking about topics in today’s news. Assignments and quizzes are mainly done through the online course website making it easy to study and review.

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