10 of the Easiest Classes at University of Delaware

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University of Delaware offers many of courses each year. Some classes are considered easier than others. Students usually look for easy classes or electives to boost their GPA each year. Here is a list of 10 easy classes to take at University of Delaware.

1. PHIL 101 – Great Western Philosophers

Survey of the key ideas of great Western philosophers concerning the nature of reality and how it is known. Focus on individual philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Kant, Hegel, James and Wittgenstein. This class could be taken online at University of Delaware.

2. ENGL 110 – Seminar in Composition

Introduction to the process of academic writing that centers on the composition of analytical, research-based essays. This class could be taken as an online class at the University of Delaware.

3. ANFS 102 – Food for Thought

Overview of our foods today including how the composition, safety, processing, and chemistry influence our choices and overall production of food. The effects of social influences and marketing of foods will be discussed as these are important consideration for individuals and food companies.

4. GEOG 220 – Meteorology

Analysis of the atmosphere, weather elements, air masses, fronts and storms. Principles of weather forecasting, especially as it relates to severe weather.

5. GEOL 105 – Geological Hazards and Their Human Impact

Geological processes and events that adversely affect humans and civilization. Methods for predicting and dealing with geological hazards. 

6. ANTH 101 – Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology

Major ideas and areas of study in social and cultural anthropology. Use of ethnographic data and film to illustrate the anthropologist’s view of societies in their sociocultural and ecological dimensions.

7. ENWC 201 – Wildlife Conservation and Ecology

Basic principles of ecology. Ecological and sociological problems and solutions in the conservation of biodiversity (i.e., habitat, species, and genetic variety).

8. MUSC 101 – Appreciation of Music

Introduction to Western music literature through a nontechnical presentation of various musical styles and forms. If you have learned an instrument before, this class would be a breeze for you.

9. HDFS 202 – Diversity and Families

Examination of diverse families in the United States with a focus on issues of race, ethnicity, social class, and gender. Emphasis is on the accelerating effects of globalization and social change. This class consist of exams and writing papers.

10. MUSC 107 – History of Rock

The study of various styles of rock music. Introduction to folk, country, blues, and jazz as predecessors to rock. Intended for the non-music major. No music reading skills required.

What is the University of Delaware Fight Song?

And then we’ll fight! fight! fight!
for Delaware,
Fight for the Blue and Gold,
And when we hit that line,
Our team is there
with a daring spirit bold
And when we strike with might
Let foes beware
Our glorious name we’ll uphold

And then we’ll fight! fight! fight!
for Delaware,
Fight for the Blue and Gold,
Delaware will shine to-night,
Delaware will shine.
When the sun goes down and
the moon comes up,
Delaware will shine.
And then we’ll fight! fight! fight! for Delaware…

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