10 of the Easiest Classes at NDSU


Studying is easy if you know the right things to do. This entails knowing what classes to enrol in and those to avoid as well as everything in between. At NDSU, you will find studying here extremely easy if you take suitable classes. Here’s a list of ten easy classes to register for at North Dakota State University.

1. VETS 125 – Animal Restraint

Study of behavioral characteristics and handling techniques of farm, companion, and laboratory animals.

2. WGS 112 – Introduction to Masculinities

Exploration of the lives of men and boys and the diverse experiences and public discourses about masculinity; the role of men and boys in sports, family, work and other social relationships.

3. ART 130 – Drawing I

Study and application of different drawing media, methods, and techniques. Drawing from the human figure required.

4. ENT 210 – Insects, Humans and the Environment

Insect biology and its relevance to humans and the environment. 

5. ENTR 201 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Business majors and minors, non-business majors, and non-degree seeking students will receive an introduction to the entrepreneurial process, evaluating the market feasibility of new product and business ideas, and launching an entrepreneurial venture. Students will develop an understanding of the business concept and business model. They will develop a general understanding of the basic functional areas of business, and will have the opportunity to evaluate what entrepreneurship involves.

6. EDUC 120 – Peer Counseling

Designed to bring peer counseling theory and practice together in helping freshmen overcome the hurdles of the first year. May be repeated.

7. CNED 710 – Counseling Techniques

Basic principles and techniques in the counseling process. Emphasis given to counseling techniques from several counseling orientations.

8. BIOL 124 – Environmental Science

Ecological principles related to human cultures, resource use, and environmental alterations. 

9. ANTH 111 – Introduction to Anthropology

Introductory overview to anthropology, the holistic study of humans and the diversity of the human experience over space and time. Covers the major fields of anthropology: cultural and biological anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, applied anthropology.

10. AGRI 115 – Wonders of Weather

This class reveals the mystery of the wonders of every-day weather. Through hands-on experimentation, observations, and discussion of day-to-day weather, students curious about weather and its impacts will come to understand the natural forces structuring the Earth’s atmosphere and its weather patterns that directly impact lives of all sharing the Mother Earth.

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