10 of the Easiest Classes at Plymouth State University

Plymouth State University

Don’t be like those students who regret not making the most of their undergraduate days to connect with other students because they were so invested in taking difficult classes instead of easy to pass classes, thereby losing valuable time while brainstorming these problematic classes.

We have taken the time to pick some elementary classes at Plymouth State University you can enrol in. Hence, you get to have more time to do other critical extra-curricular activities in school.

1. CM 2300 – Introduction to Public Speaking

A general introduction to the fundamentals of public speaking. Students practice basic skills through a variety of in-class speeches. Class members will serve as the audience and provide feedback to their fellow classmates. The over-arching goal is to increase a student’s confidence as a public speaker by learning not only WHAT to say, but HOW to say it best.

2. CSDI 1500 – Computers: Fact, Fiction, Fantasy, and Film

Offers a broad non-technical introduction to the presumably mysterious and strange world of computing from different perspectives. Students view computers and computing through social, antisocial, historic, prehistoric, scientific, linguistic, biographical, biological, musical, philosophical, and fictional lenses. Presents selected clips from movie, TV, and music libraries.

3. WS 3500 – Topics in Women’s Studies

Surveys a number of Women’s Studies topics and will vary in its specific content between offerings. All topics address women’s roles in various aspects of society and how past conditions have influenced the present social, political, intellectual and/or economic state of affairs.

4. SY 5300 – Foundations and Multicultural Aspects of Parenting

Focuses on developing competency in a variety of areas surrounding parenting education including the following: understanding of parental issues and concerns within diverse family systems, understanding the dimensions of parenting from birth to adolescence, family, literacy, and knowledge of multicultural perspectives in parenting. This course addresses U.N. resolutions A/52/13 A Culture of Peace and A/53/243 A Program of Action for a Culture of Peace.

5. SO 2080 – Crime and Criminals

A scientific study of crime and its control, including types of crime, patterns of criminal offending and victimization, and theories of crime and delinquency. Falls, Early Springs, Springs, Summers. Also offered as CJ 2080.

6. SW 2200 – Introduction to Social Work

Introduces students to the history, practice, values and perspective of social work. Provides an overview of social problems and social services for different populations with an emphasis on advancing social and economic justice.

7. SS 3620 – Archaeological Field Methods: Prehistory

Depending on the investigative circumstances, provides an opportunity to acquire field experience—survey, mapping, excavation, material analysis—at land or underwater sites from the Prehistoric period. Additional course fee required. Division of Continuing Education only. Summers.

8. PTDI 2200 – The Art of Photography

An introduction to photography as a visual language. Students explore use of the creative process as they develop personal imagery and learn to compose and apply principles of art and design to their work. Introduces the history, aesthetics, principles, and procedures of the photographic medium and its influence on our modern society. A simple camera is necessary. Additional course fee required. Falls and Springs. (CTDI)

9. PTDI 2450 – Digital Photography

Introduces students to digital photography and the use of digital cameras, computer software, scanners, and photo-quality ink-jet printers in order to be able to create high quality color and black and white photo images. Students learn how to scan negatives, transparencies, and prints to produce high resolution files and to manipulate these files in Adobe Photoshop. Covers equipment calibration, manipulation of color rendition, and selections of fine art paper surfaces. Students work with composition, lighting, critique, and study works of contemporary photographers while developing a personal body of professional quality photo images.

10. OH 5180 – Exploring Personal & Organizational Health

Exploration of the evolving and emerging paradigms of holistic health and healing, and how the personal and organizational realms interconnect. In addition to examining the traditional wellness models, discussions will include concepts of mind, transpersonal psychology and energetics. Through an examination of personal and organizational contexts, students will explore ways to transform personal and work environments through mindfulness towards good intention, open mind and compassionate heart.

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