10 of the Easiest Classes to Take at NAU

There are an abundant amount of courses offered at NAU covering many topics ranging from forestry to botany to art to mechanics. Some of these can be fun, most of them can be challenging, but a lot can be easy. When going into this University, looking online at class descriptions and teacher ratings can help you determine what classes to take, but here are ten of the easiest courses offered to you at Northern Arizona University.

1. PES 100 – Athletic Courses

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Northern Arizona University has several classes that are meant for helping their students stay in shape. These can be used to either learn a new skill, challenge you to work harder, or just create a time for you to do what you love. Finding gym time in the mix of going to class can be difficult and this is an easy way to do that.

2. TH 125- Introduction to Acting

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For some majors it is a requirement to take some form of public speaking class, and this is the least formal option. Many people get too anxious when speaking in public, but acting helps it seem less real. This is a great way to fill a requirement, put yourself out there, and make new friends.

3. GLG 112 – Geological Disasters

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Everyone at NAU has to take a Lab Science as a part of the Liberal Arts requirements for this University. One of the most highly suggested courses to fulfill this category if you are not a science major of any kind, is Geological disasters. This class covers earthquakes, different rocks and minerals, and other geologic contents.

4. MUS295 – Popular Music

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This course covers popular music and its trends from the 1970s until now. Going over Genres, instruments, and popular techniques used through time. This class is an easy A, with online quizzes every week, group meetings and one project, as well as the final at the end. This course load is completely feasible and the class is not difficult at all.

5. NAU 100

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This is an introductory course that helps students with the transition of being a dependent high school student to becoming a independent adult living on their own. It is not particularly fun, but it is most definitely an easy a.

6. USC 150 – Making Major Decisions

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This is a class designed to help the students at Northern Arizona University make the big decision of what they want to study. This class helps you explore your interests and and options when looking at majors, and is a big help to the undeclared students.

7. ES 100 – Intro to Ethnic Studies

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Ethnic studies and diversity are also requirements for the liberal studies at Northern Arizona University and this is a great introductory course to help get these requirements for yourself as well as learn about different ethnicity and create awareness for you and your classmates.

8. CMF 122 – Introduction to Media Studies

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This course is mandatory for any Creative Media & Film majors, however, it can be a fun and easy class for anyone with any major. There are weekly 300 word papers that are just used to define some of the weekly vocabulary. In addition, there are also movies assigned every week with a written assignment for each of those as well.

9. COM 200 – Basic Communication Theory

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This is a class where you will go over all of the communication theories briefly. A large part of this class covers how our technology has affected the way we communicate with each other. The class is extremely easy going with three tests and a group project, along with two extra credit opportunities.

10. PSY 101 – Introduction to Psychology

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This class is amazing! It covers all of the information you need in order to move forward in psychology. In addition, is also is just an intriguing course for anyone. If you can, take this class with Jason Whetten because he is aware of how students think. He also makes the class engaging for everyone.

Hopefully this help all incoming freshman in selecting classes for the upcoming year. Maybe now you have ways to increase your GPA or keep it the way it is!

Jessica Allen

My name is Jessica and I love travelling and blogging! I really enjoy writing tips and advice for university students! Hopefully my articles help you with your university life!

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