10 of the Easiest Classes at Ohio State University

Ohio State University

Are you a student in search of courses at OSU to help boost your GPA? Look no further! Here is a list of 10 courses recommended by other students that are helpful for increasing one’s GPA with minimal effort at The Ohio State University.

1. EARTHSC 1121 – The Dynamic Earth

Topics covered in this class: Plate tectonics; rock forming processes; climate change; energy resources.

2. ASTRON 1141 – Life in the Universe

The topics covered in this course lie at the interfaces between Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, and the Earth and Planetary Sciences. We will learn about scientists’ ongoing quest for answers to some of the most fundamental human questions, chief among them: Are we alone in the universe?

3. SOCIOL 1101 – Introductory Sociology

Fundamental concepts of sociology and introduction to the analysis of social problems and interactions (e.g. wealth, gender, race, inequality, family, crime) using sociological theories.

4. ARTEDUC 1600 – Art and Music Since 1945

A survey of the visual arts and music in the western world since 1945, based on live and recorded performances and exhibitions.

5. ANTHROP 2200 – Introduction to Physical Anthropology

A scientific examination of humans as a biological and cultural organism based on primate evolution from living and fossil evidence; evolutionary theory and population adaptability. This class could also be taken online at Ohio State.

6. BIOLOGY 1105 – Human Biology in Cinema

Human Biology in Cinema will show that mainstream films with a core biological theme can be entertaining AND educational and that having some basic biological insights will enhance your comprehension and appreciation of these films. 

7. CLAS 2220 – Classical Mythology

Personalities and attributes of the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses, their mythology and its influence on Western culture. 

8. FDSCTE 1120 – Wine and Beer in Western Culture

The role of wine and beer in western culture with emphasis on the geographic origins, production techniques, and stylistic considerations. This is one of the easiest online classes at the Ohio State University.

9. HISTORY 1212 – Western Civilization, 17th Century to Present

Political, scientific, and industrial revolutions; nationalism; the two World Wars; the decline of empires; the Cold War. 

10. PSYCH 1100 – Introduction to Psychology

A prerequisite to advanced courses; a broad survey of psychological science. Application of the scientific method to the empirical study of behavior with emphasis on individual and cultural differences. 

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