10 of the Easiest Classes at UCLA

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UCLA offers many courses from easy to hard. Students often struggle to pick their classes when it comes to boosting their GPA. To make your life easier, here is a list of the easiest classes offered at UCLA.

1. ART&ARC 10 – Arts Encounters

Through a series of direct encounters with art and artists across global range of practices, course equips students with the kinds of critical skills that enhance their understanding of, and sharpen their appetite for, a wide range of artistic practices

2. HIST 12A – Inequality: History of Mass Imprisonment

Exploration of major eras and turning points in city’s rise as both national and global leader in human incarceration, with review of historical foundations of mass imprisonment in Los Angeles. Introduction to current social and political landscape of imprisonment in Los Angeles.

3. SCAND 50 – Introduction to Scandinavian Literatures and Cultures

Designed for students in general and for those wishing to prepare for more advanced and specialized studies in Scandinavian literature and culture.

4. GEOG 5 – People and the Earth’s Ecosystems

Exploration of ways in which human activity impacts natural environment and how modification of environment can eventually have significant consequences for human activity.

5. ETHNMUS 50A – Jazz in American Culture

Survey of development of jazz in American culture. Discussion of different compositional/performance techniques and approaches that distinguish different sub-styles of jazz from one another, as well as key historical figures that shaped development of jazz from its early years through modern jazz. 

6. ANTHRO 3 – Culture and Society

Introduction to study of culture and society in comparative perspective. Examples from societies around world to illustrate basic principles of formation, structure, and distribution of human institutions.

7. CHICANO 10A – Introduction to Chicana

nterdisciplinary survey of diverse historical experiences, cultural factors, and ethnic/racial paradigms, including indigenousness, gender, sexuality, language, and borders, that help shape Chicana/Chicano identities.

8. CHIN 50 – Chinese Civilization

Introduction to most important aspects of Chinese culture. Topics include early Chinese civilization, historical development of Chinese society, issues of ethnicity, Chinese language and philosophy, and early scientific and technological innovation.

9. EPS SCI 9 – Solar System and Planets

Properties of sun, planets, asteroids, and comets. Astronomical observations relevant to understanding solar system and its origin. Dynamical problems, including examination of fallacious hypotheses. Meteoritic evidence regarding earliest history of solar system. Chemical models of solar nebula. Space exploration and its planning.

10. ROMANIA 101A – Elementary Romanian

This course go over the basic of the Romanian Language. 

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