10 of the Easiest Classes at Ole Miss

One of the pecks or studying at the University of Mississippi is the array of brilliant courses they proudly hold. If you are not careful enough, you may end up in a class you are not supposed to take as the vast majority of these classes are interest. In this post, we will be identifying some courses that are easy and interesting to help you make the most of your studies.

1. EDLD 201: Career Decision Making

The development of self-awareness and career/life planning skills through exposure to theories of career development, self-assessment instruments, decision-making models, and occupational exploration. It is limited to first-year students and sophomores or consent of instructor.

2. SOC 101: Introductory Sociology

This course takes a gander at concepts and methods that are necessary for studying society.

3. NHM 211: Principles of Food Preparation

This course covers food principles and preparation techniques and their effects on food products.

4. SCUBA 101 – Scuba Diving

2 hrs. Diving skill/knowledge instruction for individuals wishing to be certified to dive recreationally.

5. PSY 301: Developmental Psychology

Topically organized survey of all aspects of psychological development from infancy through adulthood.

6. IMC 104: Introduction to Integrated Marketing Com

Introduces the basic disciplines of IMC: advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, database marketing, Internet marketing communication, and relationship marketing.

7. CJ 100: Introduction to Criminal Justice

Philosophical and historical backgrounds, agencies, and processes of the criminal justice systems in the United States.

8. GEOL 101: Physical Geology –

A classical introduction to Earth science and the physical and chemical processes that affect the Earth. Satisfies science requirement of core curriculum when taken in conjunction with Geol 111. Will not count for credit if Geol 104 is calculated.

9. MUS 101: Introduction to Music Literature

This course provides an overall historical perspective, including style recognition and familiarity with prominent composers and compositions.

10. AH 101: Introduction to Western Art

For all students interested in acquiring an understanding of the visual arts. An introductory survey of painting, sculpture, and architecture in the Western world.

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