10 of the Easiest Classes at UTK

You can never get it wrong with the easy and exciting courses at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville. If you are considering classes that wouldn’t make you go through a lot of stress, then these courses are the right choice for you. However, there are some accessible courses at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville. Here are some you can check out.

1. PHIL 101 – Introduction to Philosophy

Topics such as knowledge and belief, the meaning of life, the existence of God, freedom of the will, human nature and values, and mind and its place in a material universe. Writing-emphasis course. Satisfies General Education Requirement: (AH).

2. CFS 220 – Child and Family Studies

Emerging and declining roles. Changing relationships among family members across the life cycle from various theoretical approaches. Impact of gender roles on marital relationships. Marital quality, power, decision-making, communications, conflict management, and combining work-family roles.           

3. MUCO 125 – Jazz in American Culture

The historical study of jazz as part of American culture, including its styles, key performers, and musical practices. Writing-emphasis course.

4. MUCO 120 – History of Rock

Study and appreciation of rock music, its origins in blues and rock and roll, and its development and cultural dimensions to the present. Writing-emphasis course.

5. GEOG 333 – Climate Change/Human Response

Controversies and uncertainties about present-day climate change, future climate scenarios and mitigation strategies, and individual and policy responses to climate predictions. (DE) Prerequisite(s): 131.

6.  RCS 225 – Fashion and Culture

The purpose of this course is to help students understand the interconnectedness between fashion and culture. In particular, this course will examine the intersection between fashion, personal identity, and social and political environments with an understanding of the communication aspect of fashion and social images. Furthermore, this course will prepare students to apply those approaches to the fashion retail business. Satisfies General Education Requirement: (CC).

7.  SOCI 120 – Introduction to Sociology

Major concepts and theoretical approaches of sociology with an emphasis on culture, socialization, social organization, and social stratification.

8. EOG 101 – World Geography

Selected topics and world regions, especially those of current interest; illustrates geographical points of view, concepts, and techniques.

9. PHIL 244 – Professional Responsibility

Critical analysis of selected texts from philosophy and other fields dealing with responsibility and the nature of professionalism. Theoretical principles and analytical skills applied to selected case studies and other detailed descriptions of professional practice from engineering/architecture, business/accounting, and at least one of law/politics, the helping professions (social work, human services, ministry), or teaching. Writing-emphasis course.

10. FDST 150 – History and Culture of Food

Impact of people and historical events on the production, distribution, and consumption patterns of food. The role of food as an indicator of cultural, societal, and historical changes around the world. Significant technological advances in food processing and their impact on the globalization of the food supply.

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