5 Ways to get the most out of Admitted Student Days at Penn State

Penn State Day

Congratulations on being admitted to Penn State! Now that you’re officially committed, you would be invited to attend Admitted Student Day, a day dedicated to celebrating you. During those days, you will meet new classmates, learn more about your major and explore your new home. With so much excitement and fun going on, you’ll want to enjoy every single moment.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your Admitted Student Day at Penn State.

1. Take a campus tour if you haven’t already.

Even if you did take one, you should do it again as you might have missed something. We want you to feel at home at Penn State, and taking another stroll around campus will ensure you get the warm and fuzzy feeling.

2. Explore the NSO Resource Fair in the HUB.

Representatives from campus offices will be ready to answer any of your questions there. If you want to speak with someone from Financial Aid or New Student Orientation, they will be there as well. Parents could ask questions there too as well! There are many resources available on campus. The sooner you become familiar with the resources, the easier you adjustments will be when you arrive on campus.

3. Talk with current students.

There will be many current students there helping you out. They will tell a lot of things about what it’s like to be part of Penn State as they were once in your shoes. Take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions about anything. They’re eager to talk to you, so don’t be afraid to meet them!

4. Take photos.

You will start your freshman year, blink and suddenly be at graduation. Take photos so you can remember where it all started. All these great memories will pile up when you graduate.

5. Don’t forget to explore the city too

Part of your college decision includes the environment you want to be in, and exploring the city can help! Grab a bite to eat with your family at a local restaurant. If the weather’s nice, visit the nearby areas and park as well!

We hope you have a great time at Admitted Student Day. Best of luck as you find your college home!

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