The 5 Best Penn State (PSU) Dorms

When choosing a dorm at Penn State, it’s important to think about where you’ll be living.

Many campuses offer great housing options, but not all dorms are created equal at Penn State.

Whether you want to make new friends and live in close proximity to other students or get your own private room, there are dozens of dorms for you at Penn State to consider when selecting your accommodations for freshman year.

Here are the 5 top dorms at Penn State and the cost to live there:

1. South Halls

Penn State - South Halls
Mc Kean Rd, University Park, PA 16802, United States

South Housing Area is flanked by campus and downtown State College. South Halls offers coed residence halls, with the majority of space being reserved exclusively for upperclass students, sorority chapter members, and first-year students who are members of the Schreyer Honors College. The hall is home to some of the finest dorms in Penn State. With many renovated rooms, and a proximity to downtown that’s unbeatable.

Penn State – South Halls Cost

Room TypeSemester Rate
Traditional double$4,153
Traditional Double as Single (Single Occupancy)$3,322

2. Nittany Apartments and Suites

Penn State - Nittany Apartments and Suites
State College, PA 16801, United States

Nittany Apartments features 4-person apartments for upperclass, undergraduate students. Students can preference either a two- and four-bedroom garden apartment or a four-bedroom townhouse apartment. Each apartment features a living room and kitchen.

Nittany Hall is a suite-style building located in the complex, and offers a 4-person suite with two double-occupancy rooms and a shared bathroom.

Penn State – Nittany Apartments and Suites Cost

Room TypeSemester Rate
Nittany Villages Apartments (1-Bedroom/4 Person)$5,486
Nittany Apt Garden Apartments (2-Bedroom/4-Person)$4,477
Nittany Apt Garden Apartments (4-Bedroom/4-Person)$5,020
Nittany Apt Townhouse Apartments (4-Bedroom/4-Person)$5,217
Nittany Hall Suites (2-Bedroom/4-Person)$4,362

3. West Halls

Penn State - West Halls
120 Burrowes Rd, University Park, PA 16802, United States

West Housing Area has a traditional collegiate feel – the brick buildings open onto a quad with symmetrical walkways and arches that lead to the heart of campus. First-year and upperclass students are assigned to the six coed traditional residence halls. 

Penn State – West Hall Cost

Room TypeSemester Rate
Traditional Single with bath (1 Occupancy)$5,150
Traditional Single (1 Occupancy)$5,046
Traditional Double (2 Occupancy)$3,687
Traditional Triple with bath (3 Occupancy)$3,687
Traditional Triple (3 Occupancy)$3,321
Traditional Quad (4 Occupancy)$3,321
Traditional Supplemental (4-8 Occupancy)$2,950
Traditional Small Double (2 Occupancy)$2,763

4. East Halls

Penn State - East Halls
Johnston Commons, 134, University Park, PA 16802, United States

East Housing Area is the largest residence hall complex on campus, housing approximately one-half the first-year student population in 16 coed traditional or renovated residence halls.

Penn State – West Hall Cost

Room TypeSemester Rate
Renovated Single (1-Occupancy)$5,222
Renovated Double (2-Occupancy)$4,160
Renovated Triple (3-Occupancy)$3,794
Traditional Double (2-Occupancy)$3,687
Renovated Supplemental (4-Occupancy)$3,328
Traditional Supplemental with bath (4-6 Occupancy)$3,111
Traditional Supplemental (4-Occupancy)$2,950

5. North Halls

Penn State - North Halls
115 Warnock Commons, State College, PA 16803, United States

North Housing Area, an all-coed housing complex, is home to many first-year students participating in a Living Learning Community. North Housing Area accommodates the majority of students in four-person suites, with a few two-person suites available for upperclass students. First-year students can also live in Robinson Hall, a renovated residence hall that offers more traditional-type housing, with double rooms and individual, private-use bathrooms.

Penn State – North Halls Cost

Room TypeSemester Rate
Suites double$3,933
Suites Double as Single (Single Occupancy)$4,916

Here are other PSU dorms for First-Year Undergraduate Students

Eastview Terrace
Pollock Halls
White Course Apartments

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