10 of the Easiest Classes at Pepperdine University

You can’t skip it! You are probably wondering what I mean that you can’t skip? Well, they are the problematic classes you may likely take while studying at Pepperdine University. Yet, there’s an array of easy classes too, to reduce the pressure from the difficult ones. Here are ten easy classes to enroll in at Pepperdine University. 

1. ART 103 Observational Drawing

Introduces responsive, observational drawing from still lives and live models while working with a variety of drawing tools.

2. ADV 275 Introduction to Advertising

Advertising 275, Introduction to Advertising, is designed to develop an overall perspective of the advertising process and its relation to the marketing process. This introductory course will include the history of advertising, advertising tools and methods used to communicate a unified message, the use
of media and creativity, ethics and legal issues in advertising, advertising as a means of communication, advertising as an economic and social institution, and advertising as an influence on consumer-buying decisions and behavior.

3. ENPR 280 – Entrepreneurial Thinking

This course examines how entrepreneurs generate ideas, obtain resources, and manage growth while examining how entrepreneurs can successfully pursue social and financial goals simultaneously. This course explores the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and new venture creation using case studies, readings, films, and interviews with company founders to determine why some ventures succeed while others fail.

4. SPAD 280 – Introduction to Sport Administration

This course offers information on the foundations and principles on which sport administration operates. Students completing the course will have an understanding of sport history, an overview of the sport industry, and the required skill set of the sport administrator. Must be taken concurrently with SPAD 295 below.

5. SPAD 295 – Experiential Learning in Sport Administration

A supervised experiential learning activity in sport administration. Placement may be with community, educational or for-profit business associated with the sport industry. Prerequisite: Must be taken concurrently with SPAD 280 above.

6. CRWR 203 – Introduction to Creative Writing

Introductory study and intensive practice in major categories of writing, including both media-oriented and traditional literary forms. Strong emphasis is on working toward publishable writing while mastering the structural fundamentals of each form.

7. ENG 205 – Introduction to Digital Humanities

This course provides an introduction to and overview of the issues, ideas, and evolution of the field of digital humanities. It includes an introduction to software assisted textual analysis as well as textual criticism.

8. GSEN 199 – American Language and Culture

Students refine their use of idiomatic English through the study of the mass media and literary selections, discussion, computer-assisted instruction, sentence combining, and modeling. The course promotes cross-cultural understanding and develops the ability of non-native speakers to think and
communicate clearly.

9. BIOL 311 – Introduction to Ecology

Introduces the student to the basic concepts of ecology. Topics covered include paleoecology, biomes, ecosystems, soils, population dynamics, competition, and predation.

10. SOC 200 – Introduction to Sociology

A general introduction to the history, principles, and methodology of sociology intended for non-sociology majors. Emphasis is on introducing students to the sociological analysis of human groups, institutions, and societies.

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