10 of the Easiest Classes at University of Iowa

What are you going to do, you ask me? You will do a little bit of these and a little of that, and when I say a little of what, I’m talking about easy classes if you wish to graduate with the right grades at the University of Iowa. 

1. AMST:1030 – Introduction to African American Culture

Examination of Black cultural experiences in the United States and the African diaspora; focus on literature, music, film, comics, anime, popular culture, and visual/performing arts. GE: Diversity and Inclusion.

2. CLSA:1100 – Contraception Across Time and Cultures

Methods and history of contraception; issues of unwanted pregnancy and birth control in fiction, film, and media around the world. Taught in English.

3. WRIT:3080 – History of the English Language

Development of phonological and grammatical structure of English, from Old to Modern English; selected issues in the history of England. 

4. ARTH:2820 – Introduction to Twentieth-Century Art

Modern European and American painting, sculpture, and architecture from 1880 to present; major art movements of modern art history.

5. THTR:1411 – Comedy and Society

How comedy reflects, comments upon, and intersects with western culture, society, and identity; roots of western comedy, satire, censorship; stand-up comedians, improv and sketch troupes, satirists; race, gender and sexuality, class perception; how portrayals of African Americans in popular culture evolved from 19th century to present; videos, readings, live performances. GE: Values and Culture.

6. SSW:3904 – Human Services Administration

Effects of organizational structures/processes on individual performance; models of management, communication patterns, leadership styles; skill in technical writing, decision making, personnel and financial management, applied professional ethics.

7. RELS:1001 – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Introduction to sacred literature, beliefs, and rituals of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as well as historical and contemporary relationship between these three Abrahamic religions.

8. CPH:2200 – Climageddon: Understanding Climate Change and Associated Impacts on Health

Discovery, underlying principles, and impacts of global climate change; scientific evidence, global climate models, international treaties, ethics, advocacy and denial of climate change; strategies for climate adaptation and mitigation of unsustainable practices.

9. OEH:4260 – Global Water and Health

Overview of global water and health; microbial and toxicant identification, water-related adverse health effects, risk assessment, approaches to reduce water-related disease, distal water-related influences (e.g., global warming), and historic cases.

10. MUSM:3001 – Introduction to Museum Studies

Overview of museum history, function, philosophy, collection, and curatorial practices; governance and funding issues; exhibition evaluation and audience studies; examples from Stanley Museum of Art, Museum of Natural History, Old Capitol Museum, and Medical Museum.

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