10 of the Easiest Classes at East Stroudsburg University

East Stroudsburg University
  1. East Stroudsburg University offers 58 undergraduate programs and makes learning comprehensive for students through their promising facilities. The university takes pride of its 20:1 student-faculty ratio and the clear career paths for their students in each academic program. Here are the 10 of the easiest courses that are available at ESU.

1. ART 101 GN: Introduction to Art

This course is an introduction to art of western culture with emphasis on painting, sculpture, and architecture through the ages.

2. CMST 126 GN: Introduction to Mass Media

This course is a survey of the defining characteristics and histories of each of the media in mass communication. The focal point in each media is the relationship of the mass media to society.

3. ECED 262: Introduction to Early Childhood Education

This course includes the study of infants, toddlers, nursery school, kindergarten and primary school-aged children; a historical perspective of early intervention models, materials, equipment, and developmentally appropriate practices for use in a pre-school center, primary school, and the home; an evaluation of current trends and issues related to guiding and educating young children including the exceptional child. This course is directed toward prospective teachers and parents.

4. EXSC 100: Introduction to Exercise Science

This course will cover the history and development of the field of Exercise Science. Professional opportunities and the role of credentialing will be presented. Appropriate literature will be introduced.

5. HRTM 101: Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management

This course introduces the student to the scope, structure, historical development and current trends in the fields of hospitality administration and tourism management. The course includes an initial investigation into the requirements and responsibilities of a manager, the techniques used by managers, and career opportunities in the hospitality and tourism industries.

6. THTR 302 GE: History of Theatre I

This course will provide an understanding of the history and literature of theatre from the ancient times through the 18th Century. Emphasis is placed on how the theatre has reflected the political, social, economic, and cultural trends in each era. Plays from the various periods are read and analyzed. Offered alternate years.

7. RECR 241 WS: Leisure and Gender

This course is an introduction to issues and questions about women and men and their leisure. The student will examine the differences and similarities between women and men concerning their leisure interests, needs, and perceptions. Topics will include a comparison of women’s and men’s leisure historically, gender-role socialization during lifespan development, participation in leisure pursuits by gender, gender-based constraints on leisure, and problems and issues faced by leisure professionals because of gender.

8.MUS 101 GN: Fundamentals Music

This course is designed to give students basic knowledge and skills in music reading, theory or harmony, and aural theory so that they can intelligently read, sing, and perform a simple musical score or diatonic melody. 

9. MUS 105 GN: American Popular Music

This introductory course will examine the history of American popular music through the study of noteworthy performers, composers, compositions, styles, and trends.  Related political, social, cultural, and historical influences will also be discussed.

10. PSY 100 GN: General Psychology

This course includes an introduction to the science of behavior and mental life, a bio-social view of man and other animals, and a survey of its methods, theories, history, and knowledge of the role of organismic, environmental, and social factors in behavioral and psychological processes

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