10 of the Easiest Classes at Queen’s University

Queen’s University

Looking for some easy classes at Queen’s University? You are at the right place. Queen’s offers many different courses, but only a handful are GPA boosters or electives. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at Queen’s University.

1. CLST 103 – Introduction to Roman Civilization

An introduction to major themes in the development of Roman civilization using the evidence of literature, history and archaeology. Some attention will be given to those aspects of ancient cultural and intellectual growth that are of significance in the western tradition.

2. MUSC 171 – Social History of Popular Music

A survey of important trends in 20th century Western popular music. Topics include genres, individual artists and groups, record labels and stylistic trends, and sociological issues.

3. GPHY 101 – Human Geography

The fundamentals of human geography including the meanings of place, the impacts of globalization, multiculturalism, population change and movement, environmental history and politics, cultural geography, issues of uneven resource distribution, the role of colonialism in the modern shape of the world, agricultural geography, and urban geography. 

4. FREN 107 – Communication et culture II

This is an easy language course everyone should take especially if you have learned French before. 

5. PSYC 100 – Psychology

An introductory survey of basic areas of psychology including perception, cognition, learning and motivation and their biological substrata. Also reviewed are child development, individual differences, social psychology and abnormal psychology.

6. PHIL 115 – Fundamental Questions – Davies

Are you looking for a broad introduction to philosophy? Here’s a course structured both around some important themes and the broad sweep of philosophy’s history. We’ll explore arguments about reality, knowledge, ethics and politics, from antiquity to the current day.

7. CLST 205 – Ancient Humour

A study of ancient techniques of humour, the role of humour in Greek and Roman society and theories of humour, both ancient and modern.  We will emphasize the relevance of these topics to contemporary humour.

8. ASTR 101 – The Solar System

This course is suitable for any student, but particularly for those without a strong science background, since it is taught mostly descriptively, with only occasional use of basic mathematics.

9. FILM 240 – Media & Popular Culture

This course on the dynamics between media and popular culture takes an interrogative approach. It is organized around a series of questions that will introduce students to a range of key concepts in media and mass communication studies, with the goal of providing a theoretical structure to support critical analysis of contemporary cultural trends.

10. CISC 121 – Introduction to Computing Science I

Introduction to design, analysis, and implementation of algorithms. Recursion, backtracking, and exits. Sequences. Elementary searching and sorting. Order-of-magnitude complexity. Documentation, iterative program development, translating natural language to code, testing and debugging.

  1. do you even know how many people fail PSYCH100 every year!?????@??!??@? this is one of the hardest first year courses

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