10 of the Easiest Classes at University of Alberta

University of Alberta

Looking for some easy classes at University of Alberta? You are at the right place. University of Alberta offers many different courses, but only a handful are GPA boosters or electives. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at University of Alberta .

1. SOC 100 – Introductory Sociology

An examination of the theory, methods, and substance of Sociology. The study of how societies are shaped including economy, culture, socialization, deviance, stratification, and groups. 

2. LING 101 – Introduction to Linguistic Analysis

Central concepts of linguistics: linguistic categories and structure (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics).

3. PSYCO 105 – Individual and Social Behavior

Introduction to the study of human individuality, personality, and social psychological processes. Some aspects of normal and abnormal human development, psychological assessment and treatment may be reviewed.

4. MUSIC 103 – Introduction to Popular Music

A survey of popular music’s development as a category of musical and cultural practice, an industry and an object of study, during the twentieth century. This is one of the top bird course at University of Alberta.

5. ANTHR 150 – Race and Racism

The challenge of racism in modern societies and the response of anthropology, including the history of how the ‘race’ concept has been used to explain human variation.

6. ENGL 102 – Introduction to Critical Analysis

How does critical analysis matter to reading and understanding literature, broadly conceived? In this course, we will explore methods of critical analysis through a wide range of texts from different historical periods and cultural locations.

7. HGP 100 – Introduction to Human Geography and Planning

The spatial organization of human landscapes, and significance of the distribution of human activity.

8. CLASS 110 – The Ancient World

World history from the beginning of written records to the sixth century AD. The ancient history of the Mediterranean world, with particular emphasis on Egypt, Greece and Rome and compares developments in civilization in these areas with those in Persia, India and China.

9. ENG M 310 – Engineering Economy

The application of the fundamentals of economics to engineering alternatives in planning, developing and managing industrial projects.

10. PHIL 120 – Symbolic Logic I

A study of sentential logic, including translation, semantics, decision procedures and natural deduction followed by an introduction to predicate logic, concentrating on translation. 

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  1. INTD 248 (Loneliness Matters), INTD 249 (Science of Joy/Happiness) and INTD 250 (Cannabis) are also great additions to this list that aren’t 100 level courses. Super straight forward and easy to get a good grade.

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