10 Easiest Classes at Radford University

Radford University

Located at Virginia, Radford University boasts its multiple accreditation awarded to their undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees. It is a public university accommodating 9,000 students at most. Here are the easiest classes to enroll at Radford University.

1.ENGL 111 Principles of College Composition

Introduction to academic writing and the composing process, the relationship between reading and writing, and rhetorical principles that inform successful writing.  Students practice strategies that allow them to generate ideas, organize their thoughts, draft, revise, proofread, and edit.

2. ART 215 Art History Survey: Prehistory to Gothic

A survey of art through a study of styles, iconography, media, and terminology within a broad cultural context. The course covers prehistory through Gothic, with emphasis on Western art.

3. ART 100 Art Appreciation 

This course is designed to expand students’ awareness and appreciation of art in historical and practical terms.

4. PSYC 121 Introduction to Psychology

Introduces students to the scientific study of behavior. Topics include essential concepts in brain function, emotion, cognition, learning, personality, social behavior, abnormal psychology, the methods used to generate psychological knowledge, and application of this knowledge in a variety of settings.

5. DNCE 480 History and Philosophy of Dance

Traces development of dance during various historical periods. Covers primitive, Oriental, Egyptian, ancient Greek and Roman civilizations and the Christian era through the Middle Ages.

6. DSN 110 Introduction to Design

The purpose of this 3-credit lecture course is for students to receive an overview of the field of design, encompassing the built environment, fashion, interiors, print, textiles and everyday objects in the world around us.

7. DSNF 350 History of Fashion Design I

A study of the evolution of western dress and fashion from the 1900’s to the present.  The student will be exposed to style characteristics of fashion from specific periods in time and connections between the social and cultural changes.  Special attention will be given to notable fashion designers for this time period.

8. CLSS 110 Classical Mythology

Study of Greek and Roman mythology, the role of mythology in classical antiquity and the influence of classical mythology upon Western culture.

9. HLTH 200 Wellness Lifestyle

Provides students with the knowledge and skills to keep themselves healthy and fit for life. The lecture provides information on health knowledge. The activity classes introduce a variety of fitness skills and techniques in order to help the individual pursue lifetime fitness. The laboratory assessments provide personal health/wellness data. All three components are integrated to promote a commitment to a wellness lifestyle.

10. PEAC 200 Introduction to Peace Studies

Overview of the main issues and various disciplinary approaches to the study of conflict, conflict management, and world security; introduction to alternative paradigms for conflict management and resolution; introduction to a variety of world order systems.

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