10 Easiest Classes at Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University do not only offer education at its best but also gives opportunities for all by providing campus housing and financial aid. They have plenty of course offerings including hard to find ones like Agriculture. Listed here are some of the easiest classes that they offer at Eastern Kentucky University.

1.ART 100 – Drawing I

Introduction to basic principles and techniques of drawing, emphasizing perceptual skills and the use of value and line.

2. CDF 235 Child Development: Conception-Eight Years 

Developmental characteristics and theory pertinent to children conception to age eight. Special emphasis on early childhood theoretical frameworks.

3. AFA 200 Exploring Africa Through Play

An exploration of the diversity of Sub-Saharan Africa through an immersion in pre-Colonial children’s songs and games. The course aims at developing a deeper understanding and sensitivity to cultural diversity in Africa.

4. AGR 111 Introduction to American Agriculture

An overview of the agriculture industry in the United States including significant past events, current status and trends. Complexities of laws and regulations and their influence on the producer and consumer

5. ANS 200 Introduction to Animal Studies

A survey of the field of animal studies, focusing on animals’ lives and histories, and the human experience of animals as food, as objects of entertainment, spectacle and science, as companions, and as representations.

6. BEM 200 Mass Media and Society

Introduction to mass media issues. Analyzes mass media impact on social, political and economic sectors of American and world societies. Considers issues and trends, including ethics, legal controls, violence and censorship.

7. CDF 132 Introduction to the Family

Ecological and systems approach applied to public and private family concepts; historical changes and current status; relationships among individuals, families, consumers, and communities; status of women, men, children and the elderly; public policy related to changes in the family

8. CDF 232 Identity and Sexuality

An exploration of the changing attitudes about and among men/women and their effect on choices and interpersonal relationships. Emphasis will be on promotion and maintenance of positive mental, physical, emotional, and sexual development.

9. CSD 275 Introduction to Communication Disorders

Introduction to the nature and causes of speech, language, and hearing disorders. An overview of
the field of communication disorders and sciences.

10. CIS 212 Introduction to Computer Information Systems

Introduction to computer system concepts and productivity applications used in the workplace. Topics include the impact of digital technology in personal lives and professional careers, cybersecurity, development of spreadsheets, databases, business letters, and project management.

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