Everything You Need to Know about the Business Major at SDSU

A career in business has a lot more variety than most people realize. Business degrees provide broad academic exposure to the critical elements that make organizations function efficiently. Thus, a business major can apply their skills to virtually any industry. The business major at San Diego State is a very popular major to choose. It not only has a lot of diverse students but the business major can help prepare you for future jobs. Here is all you need to know about the business major at SDSU.

1)  Background about the majors

Business administration offers a major in General Business that is open to all students, including students who have completed the approved Transfer Model Curriculum in Business. For additional majors, minors, additional programs, and courses in the College of Business Administration, see listings under Accountancy, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, and Marketing.

2) General Business Major at SDSU

Business refers to the multitude of activities required to accomplish commercial transactions in society.  Management activities are designed to direct, organize, and lead the processes needed to accomplish transactions. Marketing activities facilitate the exchanges that constitute transactions. Financial activities provide for and support the capital needed for transactions to occur. Information system plan and organize the processes required to ensure activity. Accounting serves to monitor and audit overall business activity. The General Business major provides an overview and fundamental working knowledge of the varied aspects of business. Students receive a broad and generalized understanding of the function of business and how the various subdisciplines of business interact to contribute to the success of an organization. Students select courses across all business sub-disciplines, obtaining an understanding of the eld of business. Courses are selected within a particular subdiscipline to develop specialized knowledge of a particular area of business.

3) Business Honors Program at SDSU

The Business Honors Program offers excellent upper division business students the opportunity to explore issues in our local, regional, and global business environments focusing on the social and ethical responsibility that business has to the community and society. Honors students will enroll in a one unit business honors seminar each semester. During their enrollment they will participate in activities to promote their academic and personal growth, documenting their work in a written portfolio.

4) Transfer Credit at SDSU

Lower Division:

“Courses clearly equivalent in scope and content to San Diego State University courses required for minors or as preparation for all business majors will be accepted from regionally accredited United States institutions and from foreign institutions recognized by San Diego State University and the College of Business Administration.”

Upper Division:

“It is the policy of the San Diego State University College of Business Administration to accept upper division transfer credits where (a) the course content, requirements, and level are equivalent to San Diego State University courses and (b) where the course was taught in an AACSB International—The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business—accredited program.”

Exceptions require thorough documentation evidencing the above standards.

5) Impacts on upper division courses

All majors in the College of Business Administration are impacted. Before enrolling in any upper division courses in business administration, students must advance to an upper division business major and obtain a business major code. To be admitted to an upper division business major, students must meet the following criteria:

a) Complete with a grade of C or higher: Accountancy 201, 202; Economics 101, 102; Finance 240 (or an approved business law course); Management Information Systems 180; Mathematics 120 (or an approved calculus course or an approved three unit mathematics course).
b) Complete a minimum of 60 transferable semester units
c) Have a cumulative GPA of 2.9

In conclusion, San Diego State’s business program is great. Not only do they offer a general business major, but they offer several majors that branch off of that. You also have the option to minor in some of these fields, which can be very beneficial for your future career path. Overall, business is a great major to choose and it can be very practical for your future.

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