10 of the Easiest Classes at SFU

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University offer many courses each year. Students are always looking for some easy classes to take to boost their GPA at SFU. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at SFU.

1. PHIL120W – Introduction to Moral Philosophy

This class gives students a basic introduction to the philosophy of right and wrong. We begin by examining how philosophers address various ethical problems.

2. PUB 101 – The Publication of Self in Everyday Life

The class explores the global, digital, networked spaces we now inhabit, and questions the possibilities for engagement in networked publics. What are the economic, political, social agendas that shape this interaction?

3. CMNS 110 – Introduction to Communication Studies

This course provides you a general introduction to a range of theories that seek to explain why we communicate as we do and to critically assess the images and messages of contemporary media.

4. GERM 102 – Introductory German 1

This is a beginner’s language course. You will learn how to introduce yourself, give personal information, talk about your hobbies, interests and entertainment, describe your daily routine and speak about your home, family and friends.

5. EDUC 199 – Foundations of Personal Agency

This class is hosted on the traditional, unceded and overlapping territories. This course will explore the self in a scholarly context, and one’s place in the University context using narrative inquiry, embodied, holistic, and, experiential learning methods.

6. EVSC 100 – Introduction to Environmental Science

This class focus on the study of environmental science. Lecture material spans contributing disciplines, emphasizing integration of diverse concepts to understand environmental problems.

7. SA 101 – Introduction to Anthropology

An introduction to the study of human social and cultural life from an anthropological perspective. The class will explore the scope and nature of the discipline of anthropology through study of selected cases drawn from both technologically simple communities and complex modern industrial societies.

8. ARCH 100 – Ancient Peoples and Places

This class provides an overview of the development of human cultures from the end of the Palaeolithic or PalaeoIndian periods (40,000 BP) to the rise of civilization and empires in both the Old and New Worlds

9. BPK 140 – Contemporary Health Issues

Explores health from a holistic perspective, in which health is viewed as physical, psychological, and social well-being. Considers genetics, environment, personal health behaviors (such as diet, exercise, stress management, and drug use), socioeconomic status, health care delivery systems, and aging with the intent to improve students’ abilities to evaluate health information.

10. CA 135 – Introduction to Cinema

An introductory course designed to facilitate a fundamental understanding of film technique, style and form in order to develop the skills with which to analyze films of all genres.

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