10 of the Easiest Classes at Suffolk University

Suffolk University

We want to make it easier, would you let us? This post takes a gander at ten easy courses you can take to make your grades at Suffolk University.

1. WGS 111 – Women, History, and Culture

Explores the roles and images of women in Western culture and the realities of women’s everyday lives through literature, film, history, art, psychology, and recent feminist scholarship. Analyzes gender inequalities and the influence of gender on social structure, human behavior, and artistic expression.

2. PHIL 119 – Ethics

A systematic introduction to the major thinkers and their positions on the main issues of ethics, such as: What is morality? What are moral values? How should we live our lives? Are there objective, universal, absolute moral standards? If so, what are they, and what is their basis?

3. ADPR 257 – Advertising

A survey course that introduces students to advertising concepts and practices from the perspective of agencies, clients, the media, and consumers. Students learn to think critically about advertising messages and learn practical techniques for developing effective advertising in various media.

4. ARH 101 – Art History I

Surveys the art of Western civilization from prehistoric caves to medieval cathedrals. Considers works from the Ancient Near East, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome, the Byzantine Era, the Romanesque Period, and the Gothic Period in their historical contexts. Introduces students to formal analysis, iconography, and critical thinking.

5. BLKST 100 – Introduction to Black Studies I: Survey of the Discipline

Introduces students to the basic concepts, literature and interdisciplinary nature of Black Studies. Provides a conceptual framework for the investigation and analysis of black history and culture as well.

6. POLS 383 – African Politics

The political development of Africa in colonial and post-colonial periods. Analysis of the evolution of governmental institutions includes economic, social and personal factors; political forces at work in present day Africa.

7. ENG 357 – African-American Literature

African-American writing from the beginning through the present. Normally offered alternate years.

8. HST-268 History of the Mediterranean

Explores the history of the Mediterranean from the ancient times to the 20th century, with emphasis on the extraordinary interaction between the rich cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds of the peoples of Europe, Middle East, and North Africa.

9. ENG 212 – Introduction to Creative Writing

A study of the major genres in creative writing (poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction) in which students will read as writers. Students will write a combination of analytical and original works, and learn the format and processes of writing workshops of writing workshops. Offered every semester.

10. UES 101 – Environmental Studies

Focuses on the natural environment through the lens of social science and humanities. Students will study texts from those disciplines to acquire a deeper understanding of the values and beliefs that underlie environmental issues. Students will investigate the policy-making processes and institutions through which those issues are decided, and the social inequalities in the distribution of environmental problems.

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