Top 5 Places to Eat Near SUNY New Paltz

SUNY New Paltz

There are many dining options on the SUNY New Paltz campus. There is a dining hall with various options for students with a big or small appetite. There is the Student Union Building with dining options ranging from pasta to burgers to sushi. There is a Starbucks and two other coffee shops on campus. However, especially when you live on campus. The food gets redundant and sometimes bland when you have it consistently. Well, you are in luck if on-campus dining is boring you. SUNY New Paltz has a variety of places to eat off campus.

1. McGillicuddy’s

suny new paltz McGillicuddy's

This is the most popular option among SUNY New Paltz students. They are known for their fifty cent wings on Mondays and their mouth watering waffle fries. It is a close proximity to campus, which is a plus. The menu is very diverse but most people come here to get chicken wings with sauces of their choice. A meal here can typically go for no more than $20, which is right under a SUNY New Paltz’s student’s budget.

2. B-Side Grill

suny new paltz B-Side Grill

B-Side Grill is home to the best food and decor in a restaurant near the SUNY New Paltz campus. They are known for their unique wall art of vinyls and 70s and 80s album covers. Their tiny, intimate space makes it very family-oriented and reminds you of old times. Although most college students were not alive during these ‘old times’, a lot of students are intrigued by the culture in this restaurant. They have really good milkshakes and diner-style menu items. It is a great choice for weekend brunches or late night dinners.

3. McDonald’s

suny new paltz McDonald’s

Some students like the basics. Having a McDonald’s near campus is very convenient because a little fast-food here and there won’t hurt anyone. This McDonalds takes their time while making the food. They rarely have long lines since it is a little farther out in town. This is a good thing because they do not have to rush to make your order. SUNY New Paltz students come here after food shopping, before going out, or just for a regular lunch. Who doesn’t love McDonald’s for lunch?!

4. Gourmet Pizza

Gourmet Pizza is a great pizza place. The best thing about it is that it is open until one or four in the morning. This pizza place does not only do pizza, they have wings, sandwiches and other delicious menu items. They have specials on pizza pies and wings for groups, which is convenient for a girls night in or Superbowl Sunday. Slices go for cheap and meals help you save a lot of money, too. Its proximity to campus is also a big bonus.

5. Asian Fusion

This restaurant is one of three Chinese cuisine places in New Paltz. Its placement on this list is because it tops all three of them. It is the only one in the town that is dine-in only. The atmosphere is very calm since it is not a regular takeout Chinese place. Many students come to this restaurant for their birthday because of the complimentary meal. Asian Fusion is the only restaurant in New Paltz that does this. So, enjoy away!

That’s it, folks! Next time you come to the SUNY New Paltz campus, tell your friends about these restaurants. All of them are New Paltz student recommended!

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