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One of the greatest challenges in college is learning how, when, and where to study. Some people prefer to study early in the morning, some people prefer to cram the day before, and some people need complete silence in order to focus. Regardless of how you study or at what time, these 5 spots at UB will be perfect for your study needs.

1. Lockwood Memorial Library

Lockwood Memorial Library university at buffalo

Lockwood is the best of both worlds! If you need to lock yourself away and knock out a huge assignment, Lockwood has private cubbies placed all over the library just for you. If you want to do a group study and collaborate with friends, there are big tables on the third floor that would be perfect! No matter what your study needs are, Lockwood has it.

2. Capen Library

Capen Library university at buffalo

Capen or Silverman Library has many different study options as well. You can gather with friends in one of the group study rooms, sit on a couch by yourself, or there is a large silent study room available for those who need it. But good luck getting a comfy booth during finals week! Many people like to camp out and sleep in the booths when they aren’t drinking down the coffee they got from the libraries Starbucks!

3. Your Dorm Lounge

If you don’t feel like hiking through a snow storm or are too hungover to walk all the way to the library, you can go right downstairs to your dorms lounge! The Richmond Lounge is a very common study spot for UB students. It is usually quiet and there are lots of booths and couches available.

4. Your Dorm Kitchen Area

It may sound strange but if you are someone who enjoys studying by yourself or in silence, try going to the kitchen on your floor. Typically, students don’t spend much time in there so it can be a good place to hide out. At most there will be a student or two who comes in to microwave their Easy Mac. So study away and snack as you work!

5. Empty Lecture Halls

Lecture halls can be a great place to study especially late at night and during finals week. The chairs are comfortable (and spin!), there is a lot of desk space, and as many outlets as you could need. Grab a few friends and walk to Knox 20 after classes are done for the day. Just make sure that the room is not already in use!

There is a place for everyone at the University at Buffalo. You just have to take the time to look! So what are you waiting for? You just read about 5 awesome study spots at UB! Grab some friends and a cup of coffee and be on your way!

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