10 of the Easiest Classes at SUNY Oswego

SUNY Oswego

SUNY Oswego has lots of different courses that students can take during their time in university. Some of these courses are hard and some are easy. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at SUNY Oswego!

1. CRW 205 – Poetry Writing: Introductory

An easy course that requires you the reading and writing of poetry. If you love poetry and are good in understanding and interpreting poems, this would be an easy A course.

2. CHE 111 – General Chemistry

This is a 2 semester course in chemistry that covers topics such as fundamentals of atomic theory and molecular structure, chemical bonding, and the chemical and physical behavior of matter.

3. ISC 205 – Introduction to Digital Humanities

This course will teach you about information technology, computational methods and cognitive approaches to the presentation and analysis of data in the humanities. You get to do fun activities in class just as computer coding and VR technology. It’s super interesting if you are into technology. The professor for this class is very easy as well!

4. PSY 100 – Principles of Human Behavior

The study of psychology as a field of scientific inquiry about behavior with implications for the student and for society. This class is very engaging and easily enjoyable.

5. COM 100 – Foundations of Communication

This course covers the basic of communication in a different aspects such as interpersonal communication, cultural communication, social media and public communication. In this course, you will basically learn how to talk to people. The tests are online and open book. As long as you show up in class, you will do well in this course.

6. MET 100 – Meteorology

This is a very interesting course. It covers topics such as the weather and physical principles of our atmosphere. You will also learn how to read the weather map. This class is quite similar with high school earth science. If you took that before, this would be a bird course.

7. GEO 100 – Physical Geology

An introduction to the natural physical processes that operate at or near the earth’s surface. Topics include: earth materials, volcanism, weathering, fluvial processes, glaciation, metamorphism, earthquakes, mountain building, and plate tectonics.

8. ENG 102 – Composition II

This course requires you to write about 5-6 papers which are super easy. You would also need to read materials brought to you by the instructor and give your opinion on it. It’s super easy to come up with an answer and be right.

9. COM 212 – Interpersonal Communication

The study of human interaction. This course have a total of 3 online test and 4 papers which are around 1-2 pages per paper. Quite easy if you like writing!

10. PBJ 101 – Introduction to Criminal Justice

If you take notes in class and study only from the notes, you will pass with flying colors. Even though there is a textbook, I have never used it. As long as you show up in lecture and listen, you will get an easy A.

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