10 of the Easiest Classes at SUNY Oneonta

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Every year, students at SUNY Oneonta look for easy courses or bird courses to take as electives. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at SUNY Oneonta.

1. THTR 111 – Acting 1

This class will teach you the basic of acting. You might have to perform during classroom scenes. There are also 2 reflection papers in this course. If you love acting and appearing in plays. This would be an easy A class.

2. ANTH 100 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Using a cross-cultural approach, this course provides an understanding of human behaviors and beliefs, kinship systems, world view, social organization, and economic and political systems. Focusing on both cultural diversity and universal values, this course provides an understanding of contemporary human problems and needs, and stimulates concern about change and continuity in the global society.

3. COMM 100 – Introduction to Communication

In this class, you will basically learn how to communicate with people. The professor lets you use notes and the content of the course is super simple to understand.

4. COMP 100 – Composition

This course will teach you how to create clear, effective communication ideas in writing. The instructor usually come up with interesting articles to read and relate it to modern day events.

5. MUSC 100 – Music for Listeners

You will be listening to a lot of classical music in this class. If you love all kinds of music, this would be the class to take. You may be asked to identify various styles of music and know where it originated.

6. THTR 100 – Theatre Appreciation

Course to develop audience appreciation of theater as a cultural, social, and artistic force. Consideration of forms and styles of theatrical expression with emphasis on the contemporary theater. Due note, this is not a performance course.

7. MCOM 151 – Understanding Media

This course covers the nature, history, trends, operations, and cultural effects within various media including: print, radio, television, film, social media, and digital media. Every test in this class is open book including the final exam, which should be easy enough to consider it as a bird course.

8. COMM 255 – Organizational Communication

This class is usually taken as an easy elective. It focuses on communication practices, behaviors and systems in an organization. You will learn a lot of business concepts as well!

9. MUSC 106 – Learning About Music

Very fun and easy class. Different performing artists will give presentations on music topics in which they have special interest or expertise. All you need to do is show up and write an opinion paragraph.

10. ENVS 101 – Introduction to Environmental Science

The interactions between the living and non-living components of the ecosystem. An introduction to ecological community concepts; the influence of chemical, geological, atmospheric, and physical factors on living systems will be considered.

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