10 of the Easiest Classes at SUNY Potsdam

Although there are lots of exciting classes you can take at Suny Postdam-NY, a handful of them are easy and less demanding. Those type of classes can boost your grades and help you study less rigorously. Below are ten easy classes you can take at SUNY Potsdam.

1. ARMA 100 – Introduction to Arts Management

Provides an overview of how arts managers bring together artists and audiences in ways that create mutually enriching cultural experiences; provides students with a solid understanding of the business practices necessary to successfully lead arts organizations; mixes reading and practical assignments to enable students to better understand arts management principles

2. ENVR 110 – Introduction to Environmental Studies

This course is an introduction to the interdisciplinary study of environmental issues. It incorporates the social, political, economic, cultural, and biophysical dimensions of a diversity of environmental problems and solutions. Human impacts on the environment, historical and contemporary views of the environment, and potential solutions to current environmental problems will be examined

3. SOCI 101 – Introduction to Sociology

Sociology as study of human behavior, social groups, socialization, stratification and social change; a consideration of basic social institutions.

4. DRAM 312 – History of the Theatre I

Development of theatre arts in world culture from the Greek era to early Italian Renaissance. Emphasis on conditions of production with respect to theatre architecture, cultural values, costuming, staging and performance.

5. ARTH 101 – Survey of Art: Ancient to Renaissance

Major art styles and monuments of pre-Renaissance art; relationship between art and politics, religion, and economics in ancient societies. Course will also include some discussion of non-western art: the art of native peoples and of the east.

6. PHIL 120 – Ethical Reasoning

Nature of judgments or moral value and possible means of justifying them.

7. HIST 100 – World History

Applying a cross-cultural, comparative approach to understanding social, political, economic, and cultural developments, this course surveys significant themes in historical development from ancient to modern times.

8. COMM 105 – Survey of Human Communication

Various communication theories and applications. Topics: human and interpersonal communication, small group decision-making, public communication and the role of communication in professional settings.

9. PHIL 100 – The Self and the World

Exploration of subject matter, problems, methods and aims of philosophy. Specific content determined by instructor.

10. HIST 202 – United States Since 1877

Major developments and issues in American History since 1877.

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