10 of the Easiest Classes at Marshall University

Marshall University offers some of the best courses. And no matter what your goals are, there is a suitable course for everyone. While some want to have classes they can have fun learning, others wish to boost their CGPA. Here is the list of 10 of such classes.

1. ENT 220 – Creativity & Innovation

Introduction to creativity theory, including exposure to basic frameworks, concepts, and obstacles to creativity. Through practical application, the relationships between creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship are explored.

2. PSY 100 – Psychology as a Major 

Prepares students to be successful undergraduate Psychology majors and introduces possible careers and educational requirements.

3. MUS 100 – Applied Music Laboratory

A forum devoted to the development of applied music skills, supplying the opportunity for music majors both to demon- state performance skills and to observe the skills of colleagues.

4. ECE 101 – Early Childhood Wellbeing

An introduction to the basic requirements and regulations for health and safety in early childhood programs serving children from birth to age eight.

5. DAN 101 – Introduction to Dance

Introduction to dance forms, principles of dance techniques, and role of dance in society.

6. ESS 211 – Physiology of Fitness

The student will gain knowledge of behaviour change, components of exercise sessions, cardinal principles of conditioning, basics of fitness programming, and instructing individual and group exercise sessions.

7. ANT 201 – Bison image Cultural Anthropology (CT)

Introduction to the scientific study of culture with an emphasis on the cultures of small-scale societies. This class emphasizes critical thinking skills.

8. CMM 255 – Bison image Intro Computer-Comm

Use and implications of telecommuting for messaging, re-source finding, and self-directed discovery learning.

9. AM 490 – Video Internship

For juniors or seniors to gain experience working with industry professionals, to be exposed to, understand, and work toward real deadlines, practice professionalism, and start networking to find a career.

10. PE 127 – Aerobics-Personal Fitness

A course designed to provide the information necessary for the development of an individualized aerobic fitness program.

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