10 of the Easiest Classes at Tulane University

Here at Tulane University, we do everything we can to ensure that our GPA is steady rising at the same time fulfilling our course requirements. This list is the best place to find courses that will boost your GPA and also ensure you have fun and are enlightened while taking them. Here are 10 of the easiest classes to take at Tulane University.

1.      ASTR 1000 – Descriptive Astronomy

A one-semester survey of astronomy for the liberal arts student. The solar system, properties and evolution of stars and galaxies, and cosmology. Recent discoveries in astronomy are emphasized.

2.      DANC 1510 – Dance Composition I 

An introduction to dance composition with an emphasis on spatial design, sources of movement, viewing choreography, and the basic elements of space, time, shape, and motion.

3.      TIDE 1035 – Introduction to Yoga

Yoga is a practice that offers many tools for living skilfully. This class will arm first year students with tools to help ground, calm, and focus them. The best part is that these lessons come from sweating, moving, going upside down, chanting, breathing, talking, listening, and having fun. The Sanskrit work Kula means a community, and we will create a Kula in our class, as well as connect with the New Orleans yoga community.

4.      URST 2890 – Service Learning 

Students complete a service activity in the community in conjunction with the content of a three-credit co-requisite course.

5.      ANTH 3200 – Magic, Witchcraft and Religion

This course is an exploration into religion and the occult. We will examine a wide range of topics, such as hauntings, spirit possession, the role of evil in the moral imagination, and the construction of symbols as well as various practices associated healing, witchcraft (or sorcery) accusations, and the experience of suffering and death. Anthropological approaches challenge the categories of “religion” and “witchcraft”, which stem from Western conceptions of reality, Christianity, and ethnocentric views of the “other”.

6.      PHIL 1010 – Introduction to Philosophy

A general introduction to the most persisting questions of philosophy: Is there a God? Do I exist? Can I live forever? Do I have free will? How should I live?

7.      TIDE 1317 – Sports as a Leadership Model

This course uses a sports lens to introduce Tulane students to what character traits have made sports figures, coaches, teams, and organizations successful as well as aided in turning sports from recreational fun to a multi-billion-dollar global industry juggernaut. This class will introduce students to several different valuable life skills and lessons to aid them in them in their academic endeavours and professional journey. The goal of this class is to see what transferable skills those in the world of sports use in their respective venues to help them become success stories and pass those qualities along to you to aid you in achieving success in life during and after Tulane.

8.      THEA 1010 – Plays and Playwrights

An introduction to the literature of theatre from the Greeks to the present with emphasis on the script in performance.

9.      ECON 1010 – Intro to Microeconomics

An introduction to theory of prices and the allocation of resources. Topics include the pricing of goods and services, the determination of wages and returns to capital, market structure, and international trade.

10.  POLS 6010 – Conduct of Research

This course is intended to introduce advanced students to the concepts and methods of political science research, and to show how those methods can be applied to concrete problems.

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  1. intro to philosophy is not the easiest class at Tulane. It is ridiculous please incoming students DO NOT TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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