10 of the Easiest Classes at Texas State University

Taking college classes can be strenuous but taking a few easy classes is a way of reducing stress. In this article, you will be getting classes that will make your college experience fun and will tremendously boost your GPA. Below are 10 of the easiest classes offered at the Texas State University.

1.      PFW 1101 – Lifetime Fitness & Wellness

To develop knowledge, skills, and physical activity behaviours associated with personal fitness and wellness.

2.      MKT 3343 – Principles of Marketing

This course studies the strategic marketing process, which creates value for consumers and organizations through integrated production and distribution of products. It examines the marketing process in the context of the global, cultural, economic, legal/regulatory environment. It also examines ethical and socially-responsible marketing and the impact of information technology.

3.      TH 1364 – Beginning Acting

Beginning Acting. (2-1) Classroom exercises designed to explore and discover the actor’s inner resources, and to develop the personal awareness of the student’s imaginative potential.

4.      MU 2310 – Guitar Class I

An introductory course primarily for the non-music major. This course offers the opportunity to study tuning, hand positions, chords, accompaniment patterns, strumming and introductory music reading.

5.      SOWK 2320 – Love and Relationships

This elective course explores the nature of attraction, friendship, love, and human sexuality, enabling students to enhance their own personal and professional relationships.

6.      PHIL 3323 – Environmental Ethics

Study of ethical issues associated with the environment including nature, use, preservation, and restoration of the environment.

7.      ENG 3311 – Practices in Writing and Rhetoric

Study and practice of advanced expository writing, with focus on achieving clarity and readability. Recent emphases have included The Essay, Nature Writing, Argument, Writing for the Government, Online Communication.

8.      PHIL 1320 – Ethics and Society

Study of ethics, its recent focus on social problems, and new fields of inquiry, including environmental ethics, ethics in business, professions, technology and sport. Also such global issues as poverty, minority rights, and stem cell research. Emphasis on development and application of principles of critical thinking and moral reasoning. (WI).

9.      SOWK 1350 – Introduction to Social Work

This introductory survey course includes the nature, function, and various types of social work practice, acquainting the student with the history, scope, and values of the profession.

10.  ECO 2301 – Principles of Economics

A non-technical study of micro– and macroeconomic principles, including demand and supply, production and cost, market structures, aggregate output and performance of the economy, the business cycle and growth, unemployment and inflation, money and banking, fiscal policy, monetary policy, and international trade and finance.

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