10 of the Easiest Classes at UC Davis

UC Davis

With several course offering at the University of California – Davis (UC Davis), it can be challenging to pick the right class that can help increase your grade or even get you informed on some exciting and engaging topics. Be that it may, notwithstanding your reason for wanting to choose some of the most comfortable classes at UCD, we can help you make it a reality by exploring the options below.

1. PLS 007V – Just Coffee

In this class, coffee is used as a case study to examine biological, ecological and social factors influencing sustainability of farming systems and how food production systems impact human well-being.

2. CLA 030 – Word Roots

Knowledge of Latin and Greek not required. Elements of Greek and Latin vocabulary for increased understanding of English word formation and improved ability to understand and retain unfamiliar words. Emphasis on Greek and Latin elements but other languages not neglected.

3. UWP 001 – Introduction to Academic Literacies

Introduction to reading and composing processes and key rhetorical concepts for academic literacies. Multiple drafts of composing projects in a variety of genres and modes with feedback from peers and the instructor.

4. LIN 001 – Intro Linguistics

This course features once-a-week face-to-face class meetings with a TA paired with online learning activities that replace the standard lecture component. Open access and free course materials make it so that there is no textbook for students to buy. These materials are integrated into interactive lesson units and tests that are presented as assignments in the Quizzes module.

5. SAS 13: Disease and Society

Introduction to the concept of disease, the societal and personal impacts of past, present and future diseases, and the science behind disease discoveries, causes, evolution, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

6. DES 115 – Letterforms & Type

Fundamentals of letterforms and typography. Characteristics of typefaces; formatting and composition of type. Principles of legibility, visual hierarchy, grid systems, and the integration of type and image.

7. NUT 010 – Discov & Concepts

Nutrition as a science; historical development of nutrition concepts; properties of nutrients and foods. This class could also be taken as an online class. A lot of students mentioned that it is a lot easier taking NUT 010 online.

8. ATM 010 – Severe & Unusual Weather

Introduction to physical principles of severe and unusual weather: flood, blizzards, thunderstorms, lightning, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Emphasis on scientific perspective and human context.

9. PLB 010 – Plant Biology

The social and natural science of plants. Cultural history and socioeconomic importance of plants. Biology of plants reproduction, including flowers, seeds and fruits. Historical, cultural, religious and medicinal uses of plants. Plants in the visual arts, music and literature.

10. PLS 001 – Ag Nature & Society

Multiple perspectives and connections between natural sciences, social sciences, and agriculture. Emphasizes agriculture’s central position between nature and society and its key role in our search for a productive, lasting and hospitable environment. Several full-period field trips provide hands-on learning. This class could also be taken as an online class.

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