10 Easiest Classes at Rowan University

Rowan University

While college classes are not designed to be easy, it is not a secret that some classes are easier than others. These courses can boost your grades or allow your studies to be way less stressful. Are you looking for easy courses to take at Rowan University? Here is a list of ten of them.

1. ASTR 11120 – Intro To Astronomy

This course is a descriptive study of the universe that emphasizes the physical concepts that explain astronomical phenomena. The evolutionary, structural, and dynamical aspects of the solar system, stars, nebulae, galaxies, and the entire universe are discussed. The laboratory experience has quantitative and qualitative components that include outdoor observations of night sky objects, daytime solar observations, and computer simulations. There is occasional evening viewing outside of class.

2. RT 39330 – General Photography

This course helps to understand the utility of different camera parts, working out lights while clicking pictures, and the art of taking candid shots.

3. MUSG 06109 – Music Appreciation

Music literature is approached through recordings, live performances, and appropriate reading.

4. ARHS 03130 – Art Appreciation

This general art appreciation course deals specifically with outstanding examples drawn from such diverse areas as product design, architecture, interior design, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and the creative crafts, taken from various periods in the history of the human family different places the world over.

5. ART 02300 – Wksp In Art: Puppetry

This course explores various studio experiences and techniques. The area(s) to be covered will be identified before registration each semester for non-art majors only.

6. SPAN 05101 – Spanish I

This course introduces the Spanish language and focuses on the students’ development of communicative competence in Spanish, emphasizing the four skill areas of listening, comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing.

7. CMS 04270 – Persuasion and Social Influence

This course surveys theories and theorists are dealing with persuasion, beginning with the Classical Age and extending through present-day empirical research. It emphasizes applying the ideas to practical situations and goals.

8. PSY 01107 – Essentials Of Psychology

Students will be introduced to psychology, the scientific study of behavior. This course will highlight the key areas in psychology that help to explain human behavior. This course will include discussing diverse topics such as perception, learning, thinking, memory, motivation, emotion, stress, health, personality, physiological processes, psychological disorders and treatment, development, intelligence, and social psychology.

9. RTF 03270 – Film History to 1940

Students trace the development of motion pictures as an art form from the 1890s to 1941. Representative selections from the various genres are screened, then discussed in terms of art, technique, content, historical perspective, and directorial style. Part I is not a prerequisite for Part II; these courses may be taken in any order; students may opt for both courses.

10. RTF 03205 – TV History And Appreciation

TV History and Appreciation explores 50 years of the art and impact of one of the most persuasive, pervasive information delivery systems ever invented. By viewing and discussing a wide array of clips and full episodes of programming (many from the earliest days of the medium), students will appreciate the foundation of all entertainment and informational programming. As well, students examine how television has affected American society and how American culture has affected television.

Please note that these classes are based on student’s opinion and could vary each year. Be sure to look into the syllabus first. Some of these classes could also be taken as an online course. Usually this is a lot more convenient for students.

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