10 of the Easiest Classes at UCSB

UC Santa Barbara

UC Santa Barbara offers many courses from easy to hard. Students often struggle to pick their classes when it comes to boosting their GPA. To make your life easier, here is a list of the easiest classes offered at UCSB.

1. CLASS 36H – World of Heroes

A discussion section led by the instructor, provided for students in the honors program. Students receive one unit for the honors seminar (36H) in addition to four units for Classics 36.

2. FAMST 54 – Hollywood: Anatomy of an Industry

In-depth analysis of the changing world of the motion picture and television industries through dialogs with major Hollywood players and distinguished guests. A range of areas such as directing, producing, screenwriting, acting, etc. are covered.

3. GEOG 12 – Maps and Spatial Reasoning

Surveys properties of maps, emphasizing map use and interpretation. Lecture topics include map abstraction, generalization, map projections, and symbolization. Special purpose maps, thematic maps, and the display of quantitative and qualitative information is considered. This class could be taking as an online course.

4. PSY 1 – Introduction to Psychology

An introduction to the subject matter and methods of psychology. Topics may include development, perception, memory, learning, cognition, affect, motivation, social behavior, personality, psychopathology and the physiological basis of behavior.

5. ECON 10A – Intermediate Microeconomic Theory

Economic theory relating to demand, production, and competitive product markets with emphasis on applications of theory.

6. GEOG 5 – People, Place, and Environment

Survey of spatial differentiation and organization of human activity and interaction with the Earth’s biophysical systems. Sample topics include human spatial decision-making behavior, migration, population growth, economic development, industrial location, urbanization, and human impacts on the natural environment.

7. RGST 130 – Judaism

This course is intended to accomplish two purposes – an introduction to the Jewish Studies minor and an introduction to the religious traditions of the Jews. It is not an introduction to the history of Jewish ideas nor is it an introduction to the study of Jewish history, although both are important to our course of study.

8. MUS 15 – Music Appreciation

A selective survey of music of western civilization; evolution of forms, styles, media. Designed to enable the student to listen with understanding.

9. ANTH 2 – Introductory Cultural Anthropology

The nature of culture: survey of the range of cultural phenomena, including material culture, social organization, religion, and other topics.

10. AS AM 5 – Introduction to Asian American Literature

Students receive one unit for the honors seminar. Intended for highly motivated and well prepared students.

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