10 Reasons to Take a Creative Writing Class at UMass Boston

UMass Boston Creative Writing

In the world of writing, I believe it’s a good idea to dive into a more creative setting. This semester, I decided to put my words and imagination to the test. When I first started intro to creative writing with Jessica Melendy, I felt my imagination and creativity really expand. As I enter the second unit of the class at UMass Boston, I gain more insight on other’s writing, including my own.

1. They expand our sense of imagination and creativity

Number one is the expansion of our imagination from using prompts to writing short stories with some limited guidelines. Whether you are an English major or not, most of us don’t take the class due to the fact that some of us may or may not like creative writing.

2. They improve your writing skills

This type of class can assist you with improving your writing skills, giving you a fresh pair of eyes to critique it and help you improve. From writing papers to writing notes, the class can open your eyes to a new way to organize your words and decide on what to say next.

3. They help you take and give constructive feedback

Let’s be honest now; we all don’t take constructive criticism very well. At least once or twice we didn’t like to hear another question or comment on our work. However, taking the class is a great way to give and have a better grasp on criticism and how to give it constructively.

4. They help us express ourselves

When writing out a story or even something as common as a poem, there’s always a purpose to it. Everything has a story or plot behind it even when we least expect it. As writers or anyone who struggles with expressing their emotions, we learn in time that we have writing them out pen to pad helps. You could even use artwork with your writing to help if that’s what you like to do too.

5. They relieve stress

Stress somehow finds a way to hover over our heads like a stormy rain cloud. Something as easy and organized such as journaling helps with this issue. You can be as creative as you want while being honest rather than reciting it against your own wishes. Not only will you feel more relaxed without any specific rules, you’ll also see where you stand from your own writing.

6. They help you organize your thought process

While using your imagination, you can pour your thoughts on a piece of paper. However, creativity doesn’t have a structure to follow but the structure is up to you and how you want to word it.

7. They can broaden your horizons while meeting dedicated writers

You can learn more from your peers and their writing pieces, giving them constructive feedback. Another thing here is you can ask for their opinion as well on how they’d start or work on their piece.

8. They encourage you to work in groups and by yourself.

In a group or workshop setting, this is encouraged to give constructive criticism to each of their peer’s work. When working by yourself, you should keep that feedback and mindset on your brain.

9. They show you how to expand your view on things in your writing

With the help of your peers and instructor, your mind and point of view is being questioned. This helps you defend and explain your words and why you say what you say in your piece.

10. Learning what your writing process is

Here is where you learn how you prepare to write anything. Whether it’s an English paper or a poem, you start to figure out what steps you take to keep your mind going in this process and what helps you stay on track.

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