5 of The Coolest Classes at Chico State

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So you’ve finished up your class schedule for the upcoming semester and see that you could use a few extra units. Look no further than Chico State’s coolest classes for a list of the top 5 coolest classes you need to add to your schedule.

1. KINE 113F – Beginning Ballroom

KINE 113F or Beginning Ballroom is one of the most unique classes offered at Chico State. This timeless style of dance will come in use at formal occasions such as weddings where you can show off your moves, and get credit while doing it! While this class may not be for you if you have two left feet, the class is light on the workload and is a great opportunity to meet new people.

2. KINE 121 – Backpacking

KINE 121 or Backpacking, is a once and a lifetime opportunity to take an intricate class on how to properly backpack in the wilderness. That’s right. this course will literally walk you through the ins and outs of backpacking and will give you as skill that will come in handy on your next camping trip. The class is taken by students pursuing a job in working in a national park, but is also taken by students who ant an expereince outside the classroom. If you’re n outdoors fanatic, this class is for you.

3. KINE 125 – Beginning Scuba Diving

KINE 125 or Beginning Scuba Diving, yes you heard me right is a 2 unit course that will teach you how to scuba dive! The class meets both in and out of the water at Chico’s Acker Gym and an off site dive pool. All equipment is provided by the school and all you have to do is dive. The class allows students to learn bout diving in books but also gives them a starting point to getting their scuba license.

4. ARTS 276 – Introduction to Glass Art

ARTS 276 or Introduction to Glass Art is just as it sounds. The class works on a creative level with students to design and blow glass. The class goes through the basics of safety and education about different styles of glass that students can turn into class projects. While this is an incredible course, the classroom does get very hot in the summer and spring so if you can try to take it in the winter.

5. KINE 123 – Indoor Rock Climbing

KINE 123 or Indoor Rock Climbing utilizes Chico State’s gym, The Wreck, for students to learn how to indoor rock climb. The class allows students to become belay certified which means they can “belay” a student on the rock wall with a line of rope. The classes teaches simple knots for your belay certification and teaches you different tactics to use in climbing on an indoor rock wall. The Wreck is close to campus so students don’t have to worry about traveling to take the class.

All of these courses offered at Chico State will use your tuition money for something a bit more interesting than just plain lecture courses. These classes will allow students to obtain real life skills they can use in life outside college. These once and a life time courses should be in your top 5 to add to your schedule next semester.

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