19 Signs You Go To UNC Chapel Hill

UNC Chapel Hill

UNC Chapel Hill is one of the best schools in the country and is known worldwide for its academic and campus environment. We are a very unique group of people and you can always tell when someone belongs to the Tar Heels family.

1. You feel some type of way consistently being ranked as a top 5 college town in the nation

2. You can’t relate to your friends with horrible dining halls because Agora is always lit

3. You’re slightly curious about who Gary Birdsong (Pit Preacher) is voting for in 2016

4. Some exams can be studied for in the UL, but serious ones require you head to Davis

5. You have a handful of notable alumni – and hope to one day be one

6. You know that UNC Chapel Hill was one of the original eight Public Ivies

7. Franklin street on Halloween is one unmatchable… but can turn into one big cluster

8. You want nothing to do with the streaking that went down during exam week that one time

9. You take pride in having an internationally recognized basketball team and being a member of the elite Atlantic Coast Conference

10. All freshmen walking on North Campus for the first time

11. How you feel when CONNECT CAROLINA really screws up your schedule

12. You know Roy Williams is undoubtedly the best coach in the nation

13. You have rode the P2P after midnight, and thus know what it feels like to be a canned sardine

14. You know where the best BLT in all of North Carolina is at

15. Speaking of food, late night breakfast at Ram’s never ceases to amaze you

16. You’ve spent an entire day lounging here

17. The best time to go to The Library is Tuesday’s and Thursday’s

18. Outsiders just don’t understand your hatred for Duke

19.  When someone asks “Which UNC do you go to?” You rightfully reply “the original one”

Jessica Allen

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