Yino Wu from Wenzao University

Yino Wu from wenzao university in Taiwan

My name is Yino Wu, I’m 18 years old, and I’m now major in communication art at wenzao university in Taiwan.

I am obsessed with filming and creating since I was a kid, I always love to express myself through the language of camera , so I choose to study communication art in college.

I also really into makeup and doodling, I feel peace when I am painting on my face or paper, and enjoy the freedom of creations. and I try to combine my two major interest—make up and filming together one year ago, I started make video of me doing makeup or vlog and put them on YouTube, even there’s no many viewers for me so far, I feel very confident and more determined about what I’m doing now and I realize that the real confidence is nothing about done something excellent but do the things you want to do from heart. and I’m really lucky to born in this internet generation, we have so many opportunities and spot light that is attainable for almost everybody, each of us have have the chance to shine by our own way. I hope to make friends worldwide, so thanks @humansofuniversity for providing this great platform to let me show myself to people around the world.

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