10 Easiest Classes to Take at Union College

Union College

Union College in Schenectady, New York, is recognized for its commitment to liberal arts education. However, amidst its challenging curriculum, there are classes that students find more accessible, providing an opportunity to boost their GPA or enjoy a lighter course load. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at Union College.

1. ART 100: Introduction to Studio Art

This course invites students to explore various artistic mediums, encouraging creativity and self-expression. The workload is considered manageable, with practical projects and supportive feedback.

2. MUS 101: Music Appreciation

Delve into the world of music, understanding its history, genres, and impact on society. Assessments typically consist of quizzes and short assignments, making this a popular choice for students of all majors.

3. PE 101: Physical Education

Union College offers a variety of physical education classes, from yoga to swimming. These classes provide a great way to stay active while also earning academic credit, with a focus on participation and personal progress.

4. ENV 101: Introduction to Environmental Science

This course provides foundational knowledge on environmental issues and sustainability. The material is straightforward, and assessments include quizzes and short essays.

5. SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology

Explore the structures of society, patterns of social relationships, and the influences of culture in this introductory sociology course. Students appreciate the engaging lectures and find the exams and assignments to be straightforward.

6. PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology

Dive into the basics of psychology, understanding human behavior, mental processes, and the factors that influence them. The course is engaging, and assessments typically include multiple-choice exams and short essays.

7. HIS 101: World History

This course offers a broad overview of world history, touching upon major civilizations, historical events, and global trends. The material is presented in an accessible manner, and assessments often consist of multiple-choice exams and short essays.

8. PHI 101: Introduction to Philosophy

Engage with fundamental philosophical questions and theories in this introductory course. The assessments are based on short essays and class discussions, providing a platform for critical thinking and exploration.

9. ANT 101: Introduction to Anthropology

Learn about human societies, cultures, and their development over time in this anthropology course. The material is intriguing, and assessments include quizzes, short essays, and participation.

10. COM 101: Introduction to Communication

This course explores the principles of effective communication across various contexts. Assignments consist of practical exercises, short papers, and participation, making it a popular choice for a stress-free credit.


Union College provides a rich academic experience, offering courses that cater to various interests and academic needs. The classes listed above are known for their engaging content and manageable workloads, making them excellent choices for students seeking a balanced and enjoyable academic experience. Embrace the diverse offerings at Union College and make the most of your time on campus!

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