How to Get Comfortable Being Alone in College

How to Get Comfortable Being Alone in College

I sit at a wooden table, pull out my laptop, water bottle. I’m ready to study during my break between classes. However, I can’t help but notice all the tables around me; there are pairs, groups, and rarely, individuals. All my friends are at home or in class, no one was free to hang out, so here I am. I can feel the eyes burning into my back, wondering why I dare sit alone. 

This isn’t an uncommon feeling, but now I know it’s just my imagination. Most people, at some point in their lives, feel insecure about going out alone. Being alone can be seen as “sad” or “cold”, but when you’re in college, everyone is alone in one way or another. We have friends, families, and partners that may support us, help us and keep us company in life, but there will always be times when we need to do things by ourselves, or just be alone. College is the perfect opportunity to get comfortable being alone since you’re facing the world for the first time. Here are some tips to rid yourself of any insecurity you have regarding being alone:

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1. Realize that most people do things alone 

Look around, you’re not the only one studying by yourself. There’s usually a few others that have gone out to buy themselves a coffee, spread their notes on a table and unapologetically take up a table for two. When you start to notice you’re not the only one sitting by yourself, it’ll feel a lot more natural to do so. 

2. Take yourself out on dates

Dress up, wear your best clothes if you’d like, and do something fun, all by yourself! Go shopping, watch a movie, explore the park. Enjoy your own company and appreciate the perks of being alone: you know what you like to do, and there’s no risk of having a “bad date.”

3. Indulge in new and old hobbies

Do you have extra time on your hands, while your friends’ schedules are packed? Take the time to get to know yourself better and try out some new hobbies: follow a YouTube painting tutorial, take a book out from the library, go to a drop-in dance or sports session, try listening to music outside of your favorite artists! If you already know what you like, sharpen your skills to build and improve your hobbies. 

4. Use alone-time to be productive 

If you don’t have extra time on your hands, use any alone time as a way to study and catch up on homework. You’d be amazed how much work you can get done in half an hour if just sit down and jump in. 

5. Enjoy the freedom of being on your own schedule  

Finally, enjoy the freedom of being able to pick and choose what you do with your time. You aren’t tied down to any commitments during your alone time, so you can essentially do whatever you want. Take it, and thrive in it.

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