Top 50 College Drinks with Unique Names

In college, it’s no secret that students love drinking. However, there are certain drinks that exist that you may have never heard of. You’ll get a good laugh out of some of these names listed below.

Mixed Drinks

Whether made by the glass, pitcher, or trash can, you’ll at least get a smile from these creative recipes.

  1. Brass Monkey: Drink your favorite 40 oz of malt liquor down to the top of the label, and fill the bottle with orange juice-you’ll have a highly alcoholic, and ridiculous mimosa.
  2. Hop, Skip & Get Naked: Combine cheap gin, cheap beer, and pink lemonade-the lemonade hides the taste of the cheap gin and beer.
  3. Bloody Beaver: This drink reads like a strawberry nightmare.
  4. 1a Special Surprise Party: If you’re brave, try this drink that combines Natty Light, Tang, and olives in a can.
  5. 151 Bananas: By no means does this drink taste good, or like bananas for that matter, but it will however get you drunk.
  6. Alpine Lemonade: Full of vodka, gin, rum, lemonade and cranberry juice, this drink is great for a warm day of getting totally drunk.
  7. Beergarita: Combine two drink favorites for a refreshing way to alcoholic bliss.
  8. Screwed Hooker: The Screwed Hooker is a combination of a screwdriver and a cherry hooker.
  9. Punch in the Head: 151 rum provides the punch in this drink.
  10. T-Rex Piss: Nothing sounds good about this drink that combines one part tequila with one part Mello-Yellow.
  11. Bloody Brain: Perfect for a Halloween-inspired party, the floater of Irish cream looks like a brain.
  12. Red Eye: Although it sounds gross, the tomato juice and egg will have you up and at em.
  13. Mind Eraser: If you’re drinking to forget, use this drink of vodka, kahlua, and tonic water.
  14. Soylent Green: Vodka, curacao, and orange juice combine to make a green drink that definitely is not mild.
  15. Captain Do: In Captain Do, you’ll find a spiced rum inside Mountain Dew.


These punches know how to please a crowd.

  1. Jungle Juice: Add just about any cheap alcohol to juice, with optional cans of fruit, and you’ll have a cheap, tasty bucket of alcohol.
  2. Grain Punch: In a new, washed garbage can, you’ll use grain alcohol, dry fruit punch, lots of fruit, and ice.
  3. Sneaky Pete: This vodka based punch with ice cream on top will sneak up on you.
  4. Flavored Jet Fuel: Combine assorted rum, gin, and vodka with your favorite wine cooler for a powerful punch.
  5. Pink Panther: This mixture of Crystal Light and vodka makes a strong punch without a lot of alcohol taste.
  6. Limoncillo: Not to be confused with Limoncello, this punch is made of Crystal Light and rum.
  7. Skippies: Start a long night of partying by creating Skippies with ice, beer, lemonade, and strong vodka.
  8. Trashcan Punch: Mix sliced fruit, fruit punch, and everclear to make a deadly punch.
  9. Flaming Blow Job: This punch includes flaming whipped cream and mason jars.
  10. College Hulk Punch: Become the Incredible Hulk with Bacardi 151, curacao, sweet and sour, and orange juice.
  11. 612 Delight: 612 Delight features vodka, Crystal Light, and Big Red.
  12. Hunch Punch: Made in a very large cooler, with peach vodka, everclear, pineapple juice, sprite bottles, and Hawaiian punch, this drink is sure to have you hunched over.

Prepared Drinks

These drinks are ridiculous right off the shelf.

  1. Steel Reserve: This malt liquor tastes terrible, but it packs 8.1% alcohol content into a usually dirt cheap 24 ounce can.
  2. MD 20/20: A classic beverage, Mad Dog 20/20 will make you feel numb.
  3. Thunderbird: Thunderbird’s makers have cut every possible production corner in order to make this drink as cheap as possible.
  4. Old English 800: This malt liquor represents the ideal budget alcohol for college students.
  5. Natural Light: Natty Light isn’t good, but it’s cheap.
  6. Buckfast: Buckfast promises to get you “bucked up” fast, with a strong taste of molasses.
  7. Night Train: Imagine your favorite bum wine, with Ny-Quil added. That’s Night Train.
  8. Wild Irish Rose: Some believe that this wild wine is a conspiracy to kill the homeless.
  9. Pabst Blue Ribbon: PBR is by no means worthy of its ribbon, but it provides a good buzz with nostalgia.
  10. Boone’s Farm: This malt beverage product is fruity and fun.
  11. Cisco: Cisco is often referred to as liquid crack.


Take on these shooters if you dare.

  1. Buttery Nipple: Most people are familiar with this shot of butterscotch Schnapps and Irish cream.
  2. Purple Hooter: This shooter features vodka, triple sec, chambord, and ice.
  3. Monkey Brains: A shot of Irish cream and one of peach schnapps combined will quickly curdle and turn lumpy-you may have to chew your way out of this one.
  4. The Ultimate Jell-o Shot: Great amounts of research have gone into this recipe.
  5. Boilermaker: Drop a shot of whiskey into your beer, chug, and you’ve got a Boilermaker.
  6. Alabama Slammer: Drink these, and you’ll be slammed in no time.
  7. Snake Bite: This popular shot features a combination of whiskey and lime juice.
  8. Red Death #2: If you want to get drunk fast, try this mixture of vodka, Southern Comfort, amaretto, sloe gin, triple sec, and orange juice poured into shot glasses.
  9. Cement Mixer: This shot of Bailey’s combined with a shot of lime juice mixed in your mouth will make you feel like you’re swallowing cement.
  10. Flaming Dr Pepper: This shot is set on fire, then dropped in a beer-and it tastes remarkably like Dr Pepper.
  11. Duck Fart: Combine Kahlua, Irish cream, and Canadian whisky for this shot that tastes better than its name would imply.
  12. Purple Passion: Vodka, triple sec, grape juice, and cranberry juice combine to make a passion inducing shot.
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