Top 5 Drinks for College Students

College students love to drink especially during parties or game-days. These may not be the top favorite cocktails of all time, but a list of fairly decent drinks that will not break the bank. Here are the top 5 drinks for college students.

5 – Steel Reserve

Steel Reserve

Although not the greatest tasting malt liquor… actually this drink is terrible. But it is 99cents for a 24ounce can, and has an alcohol content of 8.1%. Just a couple bucks and you are guaranteed to be feeling it! Which puts this up on the list for one of the best college drinks.

4 – POPOV and Energy Drinks

Popov and Energy Drinks

Popov or any other cheap, off name brand vodka in a plastic bottle. The great thing about mixing cheap vodka with an energy drink is the energy drink masks the taste of even the cheapest vodka! Don’t believe me, try it! This may just become your new favorite College Drink Recipe.

3 – Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey

One of the greatest tasting drinks I have ever had. Its almost like a mimosa, but will get you drunk! And all you who have never seen girls drink malt liquor, just give them one of these. All you need is a 40, of your favorite Malt Liquor, and any type of Orange Juice. Drink the 40 down to the top of the label, then refile the 40 to the top with the Orange Juice. Simple and Fantastic!!

2 – Seven and Seven

Seven and Seven

You really cant beat a good whiskey but when you are on a budget, a bottle of Seagram’s 7 does just fine. Mix it with some Seven Up, Sprite or any clear soda and you are good to go. Easy to make, and tastes great for a plastic bottle of liquor under 10 bucks. If you are a fan of whiskey, I strongly recommend you try the cheap alternative next time drinking with your college buddies.

1 – Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice

I had to put this at the #1 spot for the best college drink because it is so easy to make, and taste great. All you need is any type of cheap alcohol (Plastic Bottle vodkas and rums) some juice and a big bucket or cooler to mix it in. You get a few of your college buddies to throw in on a few 8 dollar bottles the whole party is set. If you want to take it up one notch, grab some cans of fruit (pineapple etc.) to throw in there. BAM! not you got food and drinks for real cheap. Jungle juice is perfect for any college party. I feel Bacardi 151 is the best to use for Jungle juice though. Although it is a little more expensive than most plastic bottled liquors, you get a lot more bite for your dollar and is guaranteed to wreck you and your party!

As always, if you feel this list should be changed or altered in any way, post your comments.

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