Top 6 Ways to Save Money in University

University can be a difficult time, especially with the high college expenses that we all dread and continuously worry about. Fortunately there are a few ways to save some cash as a student. Here are the top ways to save money in University.

1) Look for student discounts

There are plenty of discounts out there for college students. These discounts can be local food stores, take-out, subscriptions etc. If you are a student with a valid .edu email, make sure to take advantage of that. You could get students prizes for Spotify or Apple Music. There are many different stores you could use it for as well.

2) Buy second hand products from current students

You know that book that costs like 300 hundred dollars but you could probably buy secondhand for like 80?! Before you buy a secondhand textbook, make sure to check online and see if there are any PDF versions first. Those could be downloaded for free most of the time.

3) Carpool

This not only saves money on gas and everything else  but it is both safer and also more fun than when you’re just by yourself. Do make sure you make some friends that actually has a car.

4) Go shopping with a specific price in mind

If you must go shopping make sure you have a specific and conservative price in make sure you stick to it. Also always be conscious of the price tag of anything you look at. Another way is to check all prices online first and then go to the store whenever there is a huge discount.

5) Resell your old belongings

Just like there are things you could probably buy from people at a cheaper price, you probably also have items that other people could want as well. Anything you don’t use or wear anymore, that is still in good condition of course, put up for sale. You should especially try posting on Facebook groups that have your schoolmates and graduating class on there.

6) Look for free stuff

A lot of the times there are usually free events going on around campus. Some of the events can actually get you pretty cool stuff. Apart from that, they usually have free food as well. So if you’re able to eat food for the night, you’re already saving on some money you would have probably spent either making food or ordering in.

7) Pack your own food

Some students buy their breakfast, lunch and dinner. It could be close to almost $60 in total per day. In order to save that money, learn how to make your own food and pack it to school. This will definitely add up as you go to school everyday. Packing your own food is also a lot healthier compared to buying food.

Overall, just always be aware of your bankaccount and how much money you have on you at the moment. Make wise decisions that you know you wont regret later on. When it comes to money and purchasing things, always thing ahead in the future, rather that the present.


Jessica Allen

My name is Jessica and I love travelling and blogging! I really enjoy writing tips and advice for university students! Hopefully my articles help you with your university life!

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