What to do When You Can’t Sleep in University

Sleep is a very important part of our day especially as a university student. A bad night can ruin our days and a good night can make a bad so much better. Here are a few tips to help you sleep in university.

1) Buffer Time

Having a buffer time before bed when you can probably read a book, listen to some soft music or just think for a while, helps sleep better and faster. This is especially helpful after a stressful day of studying at school.

2) Electric appliances

Most students before sleeping, have this habit of using their phones, there are a lot of problems with this. Using your phone in the dark is known to cause more stress to the eyes. Phones and tablets are very handy and easy to use and the bed may seem like the best place to catch up on everything like news and social media, but for the better of us, it’s not.

3) Ambiance

Proper ambiance in your dorm room is very essential to sleep. The right temperature, a clean smell and a proper setting of the room go a long way in helping you sleep in university better and faster.

4) Routine

This could be hard for a university student but it’s important. A set time for your sleeping and waking up helps a lot in maintaining a certain rhythm in your body and the biological clock. Apart from that, maintaining a set schedule helps us have a good planned day. Not sleeping properly or not having adequate sleep opens up new avenues for chronic conditions like insomnia and sleep disorders.

5) Reserving the bed

Making your bed when you wake up is known to be a very healthy habit because it starts your day with a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm of the achievement of completing a task, and if by chance your day goes south, you come home to a freshly made bed for you to dive in.

6) Food and Beverages

Most people say that not eating anything till at least half an hour before bed is a good practice. So having some fruit before a while from bedtime would be great. Having enough water and staying hydrated all through the night helps a lot in improving the quality of your sleep in university. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol before bed is usually recommended too.

7) Exercise

There are a few exercises like the famous eye and breathing exercises that help clear your mind before you get into bed. Any exercise should work in improving sleep quality. Sex or masturbation are options too. This makes you tired and would want to sleep faster.

8) Other Practices

Other practices include taking a hot bath or shower before bed, meditating, yoga and lots of other relaxing activities which you think would make you sleep better.

9) Instant Remedies

There are times when you just can’t sleep as a university student, a few things you can do then are walking around, having lots of water and meditating. Hope these tricks would help you sleep better and faster. After all, sleep is the most important activity for us.

–All the above mentioned practices are a general idea and in no way are professional help. Please refer to other sources for better help–

Jessica Allen

My name is Jessica and I love travelling and blogging! I really enjoy writing tips and advice for university students! Hopefully my articles help you with your university life!

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