7 Reasons You Should Start Writing in University

Writing is a way of communication. It is not difficult. It helps university students learn more about themselves. Don’t like writing? Here are 7 reason you should start writing in university.

1) Writing is not difficult

Writing is not that hard. All it takes in an empty paper. We have lots of ideas running through our brains. Putting them down on a platform for others to think about them too is all it is, we hear or read a lot of people say a lot of things. We listen to opinions, facts and feelings and if we feel like there may be another version to what they say, if we think there is something else we’d like to have a conversation about, all we need to do is write about it.Writing about something opens new avenues to think. We can share knowledge, gain knowledge and inform people about whats going on and give them something to talk about. Above all, someone once said, “A pen is mightier than a sword.

2) Writing improves our communication skills

When we write, we think. We start thinking about different ways to convey an idea. Try to find better reasons, better solutions and more convincing ways to give birth to an idea. Searching for different vocabulary, think of different ways of putting words into a sentence and spend time on what we’d like to say. All this makes us better at conveying what we want to, to different people. We learn the receiving methods of different people. We start to realize that talking differently to different people would actually help a lot in our daily lives. What this actually means is, we are getting better at communicating.

3) Writing helps us learn more about ourselves

When I first stated to write, I’d write about my day at school. I’d write about my feelings regarding a certain incident. I’d try to articulate what others thought about me. All this included a lot of reflection, contemplation and retrospection. This helped me learn more about myself. I learnt more about my preferences, my values and my character. I think this is vital for us and for our development as a person socially.

4) Writing helps others know more about us

Just like we learn about ourselves, when people around us read our work, they learn more about us. They’ll learn what we value. Now, please do not get me wrong, this does not mean people will judge us or our character. It simply means, everyone who reads our work will know that there is someone like us out there, some people like us out there. They may not realize that there is a different way of thinking until they read our work. There are tons of different authors and poets and amateur writers like us who have inspired others to think differently.

5) Writing helps improve our moral

With all the retrospection and trying to develop ourselves everyday, we become more understanding, more sympathetic and more compassionate. We become more genuine people that we think we are. We see other’s problems from their perspective and try to understand their situation. Such an attitude, as I think would make us a better person, which then makes everyone around us a better person ultimately making our society a better society.

6) Writing helps us express ourselves

We all have those moments when we wanted to talk and needed someone to listen to us. When we write something for others to read, we get that audience, we suddenly have so many people to talk to. We can write anything we’d like and there are people who’d continue the idea or the conversation. Expressing our deepest thoughts and feelings on a paper. We will find people around us who agree with us and who think like us. Which is one of the biggest reasons I write.

7) Writing can pay

And after all that, writing about stuff pays too. You can write articles that you think would help others and submit them to blogs like OneClass to get paid for them. Nobody would not want some extra dollars on the side during their university years.

Jessica Allen

My name is Jessica and I love travelling and blogging! I really enjoy writing tips and advice for university students! Hopefully my articles help you with your university life!

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