15 Signs You Go To The University of Alabama

The University of Alabama

1. You’re just not surprised Ronald Nelson’s turned down all ivy league school just to attend The University of Alabama 

2. You own at least one piece of clothing with Alabama houndstooth print on it 

3. Game Day is the perfect time to dress classy, and act messy 

4. You have an on- and- off relationship with the WiFi 

5. January 26th, 1983 brings back memories of an Alabama legend 

6. Ranked among the hottest sororities in the SEC (and in the nation) 

7. Rush week is such a big deal it not only attracts thousands, but makes headlines 

8. Yet anti-greek sentiment is REAL  

9. Knowing The University of Alabama holds more National Championships than any other school silences all possible debate  

10. Big T-Shirt outfit is too typical

11. You have no complaints with Fresh Food Company 

12. You can feel the tension in the air between new row and old row  

13. Buffalo Phil’s, The Houndstooth The Back Porch, The Yard, Cheap Shots, Harry’s, and The Back Porch are breeding grounds for constant boozing 

14. You show no interest in potential students on the Bama Bound tour 

15. Roll Tide, Roll, today, Roll Tide, Roll, tomorrow 

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