15 Signs You Go To Rutgers University

Rutgers University Campus

Rutgers University is known for their outstanding athletic and academic programs. Aside from that, here are 15 signs you go to Rutgers University.

1. You’ve accepted how hard Rutgers is and it doesn’t matter how long you study for an exam, the course will always be difficult.

2. Tailgating before football games outdoes Giants games and possibly any other college game in the northeast

3. You have an entire wardrobe of red t-shirts with Rutgers on it

4. Regret eating that fat sandwich the next morning? Nah. You just wish it didn’t feel like there was a brick in your stomach for the next 72 hours

5. How squad is going to turn up at the fraternities and sororities again in the fall

6. You’ve experienced someone trying to become your best friend for class notes on Sakai

7. RU wireless down upon submission of an assignment is a sign from God that there is some kind of grammatical error in your submission which you should probably fix

8. You know at least a handful of your notable alumni (love them or hate them)

9. You’ve been in this situation on the New BrunsQuick and Library shuttle before

10. You still see the same people around campus even though you go to a huge school.

11. Bus driver: Oh you have class in 10 minutes? Don’t mind this 20-minute detour

12. You know Rutgers Web Registration is the only website on the Internet that has an “hours of operation” for use

13. When you’ve been patiently waiting in line at the Financial Aid office for 30 minutes and someone tries to cut you

14. You’ve been to at least one party that got shut down.

15. You’ve gotten a parking ticket even though you parked for 2 minutes.

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