10 of the Easiest Classes at UConn

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Looking for some easy classes at University of Connecticut? You are at the right place. UConn offers many different courses, but only a handful are GPA boosters. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at UConn.

1. GEOG 1300E – Climate, Weather, and the Environment

Interactions between weather and climate and the human and natural environment. Emphasis on understanding the linkages between natural processes and societal/environmental issues.

2. ANTH 2000 – Social Anthropology

A comparative study of social structure including an analysis of kinship, marriage, community organization, political and economic institutions, and the role of the individual in these institutions.

3. HDFS 2001 – Diversity Issues in Human Development and Family Studies

Critical issues in diversity and multiculturalism in human development, family relations, and professional practice.

4. HDFS 2100 – Human Development: Infancy Through Adolescence

Individual development and behavior from prenatal period through adolescence; impact of peers, school, other social agencies, and especially the family.

5. CAMS 1103 – Classical Mythology

Origin, nature, and function of myth in the literature and art of Greece and Rome and the re-interpretation of classical myth in modern art forms. This class is taught in English.

6. SPAN 1001 – Elementary Spanish I

This course is super easy for those that have never taken Spanish before in high school. However, if you do know some Spanish, be sure to take this course! This course may not be available for everyone.

7. ANTH 1000 – Other People’s Worlds

A survey of the development, contributions, and contemporary social problems of selected non-Euroamerican peoples and cultures. Please note that some of the courses could be taken online. There are many easy online courses at UConn.

8. GEOG 1700 – World Regional Geography

Study of geographic relationships among natural and cultural environments that help to distinguish one part of the world from another. Analysis of selected countries as well as larger regions, with specific reference to the non-western world.

9. ANSC 1676 – Introduction to Companion Animals

Basic concepts of the nutrition, physiology, health and management of companion animals. This course is quite fun and interesting. It’s also considered a GPA booster.

10. MUSI 1003 – Popular Music and Diversity in American Society

An introduction to popular music and diversity in America: jazz, blues, Top-40 pop, rock, hip-hop and other genres. Musicians and their music studied in the context of twentieth-century and contemporary American society, emphasizing issues of race, gender, class, and resistance. No prior musical training or knowledge required.

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