10 of the Easiest Classes at UCSD


Looking for some easy classes at UCSD? You are at the right place. UCSD offers many different courses, but only a handful are GPA boosters. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at UCSD.

1. POLI 113A – East Asian Thought in Comparative Perspective

This course examines the major traditions of East Asian thought in comparative perspective. Topics include Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, and contemporary nationalist and East Asian political thought. Throughout, focused comparisons and contrasts will be made between western and eastern thought.

2. MUS 4. Introduction to Western Music

A brief survey of the history of Western music from the Middle Ages to the present. Much attention will be paid to the direct experience of listening to music and attendance of concerts. Class consists of lectures, listening labs, and live performances.

3. MUS 1A. Fundamentals of Music A

This course, first in a three-quarter sequence, is primarily intended for students without previous musical experience. It introduces music notation and basic music theory topics such as intervals, scales, keys, and chords, as well as basic rhythm skills.

4. PSYC 1. Psychology

This course provides an overview of the basic concepts in psychology. Topics may include human information processing, learning and memory, motivation, development, language acquisition, social psychology, and personality.

5. MUS 15. Popular Music

A course on popular music from different time periods, covered through lectures, films, and listening sessions. Topics vary from year to year.

6. BIEB 146. Genome Diversity and Dynamics

Modern sequencing technology has revolutionized our ability to detect how genomes vary in space among individuals, populations, and communities, and over time. This course will review methods and concepts in ecological and evolutionary genomics that help us understand these differences, including their relevance to health (human microbiome, cancer evolution), evolutionary history (ancestor reconstruction, human evolution), and the environment (effect of climate change).

7. SIO 45. Volcanoes

This class will provide students with an introduction to volcanoes, including the mechanisms, products, and hazards associated with various types of volcanic eruptions. A key area of emphasis will be the impact of volcanism on human societies.

8. MGT 121A: Innovation to Market

Students will learn how to perceive needs and to propose unique products or services in a business concept that could satisfy those unmet needs. They will also learn about market segmentation and positioning, as well as market research techniques to test their ideas in a real world context and to identify potential customers, suppliers and partners.

9. HUM 1. The Foundations of Western Civilization: Israel and Greece

Texts from the Hebrew Bible and from Greek epic, history, drama, and philosophy in their cultural context. Revelle students must take course for letter grade.

10. ECE 35. Introduction to Analog Design

Fundamental circuit theory concepts, Kirchoff’s voltage and current laws, Thevenin’s and Norton’s theorems, loop and node analysis, time-varying signals, transient first order circuits, steady-state sinusoidal response.

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